Mandelblüte an der südlichen Weinstrasse, Rheinland-Pfalz

Hainfeld, where a
fervent wish was

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Back in my old home region of Westphalia, I, Julius Meimberg, took over my family’s traditional business in younger years. Amid the old 19th-century walls, a modern wine business evolved. As I grew older, I took on a new challenge, this time far from my old roots, in a warmer, more vivacious region. Though close to wine, of course.

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The choice fell upon the Palatinate, as it had years before when my wife and I married, not in the Ruhrgebiet, but rather at the summer residence of the Bavarian king in Edenkoben. It was close to there that we wanted to put down permanent roots. In our search for a house with a rich history, for a long time we found nothing.

Julius in der Pfalz in Hainfeld
Julius in der Pfalz, Hainfeld, Weinstrasse

But finally we received a hot tip, at a table in a wine tavern where we had just been seated. “I have a friend who’s wanting to sell … it’s been on the market for a while…”. We visit the property the next day. What we see: an old, historic ensemble of houses made from colorful sandstone, grouped around a cobblestone courtyard that was unusually large for this region.

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A discovery tour lasting several hours led us across creaking wooden floors through the rooms, down a well-trodden sandstone staircase to the wine cellar, and up a tall ladder to the top level the barn, built at different heights and partitioned by the remains of half-timber, red sandstone and brick walls, stuffed to the rafters with the remnants of centuries past.

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It wasn’t an easy decision, but we went ahead and bought. Only with a little blue-eyed idealism can you purchase something, renovate and breathe modern life into it. With boundless love, we have managed to transform this historic property into a place of total comfort, ease and enjoyment.