The castle in an other country

The castle in an other country

The backstory

The castle in an other country

Perhaps you read it somewhere? Maybe you also saw a sign in the hotel entrance?
"The castle in an other country"
But what is it? What is the backstory? What's the name all about?
You will find the answers to all these questions right here.

"Schlosshotels & Herrenhäuser" has existed since 1965. It is not as if this group hadn’t continued to grow and develop over the course of half a century. However, it was indeed advancing in years and you had a sense that it needed a fresh wind in its sails.

Finally, in the autumn of 2018, a generational shift took place at the head of the organization. From this point on, a team of young, dedicated hoteliers would sit on the board, making it their avowed goal to lead "Schlosshotels & Herrenhäuser" into the 21st century.

It was all about making it clearly palpable that "Schlosshotels & Herrenhäuser" was much more than an assemblage of traditional, historic hotels within venerable ancient walls. Rather, they are places where the past is vibrantly alive and well, finding expression in the here and now in the most diverse ways imaginable. Creativity that knows no bounds; young hoteliers who give each hotel a character all its own, each writing a whole new chapter in the history of their cultural treasure. These were the unambiguous goals of the young leadership team which they sought to realize and communicate through their work.

In a world that seems to be transformed ever more quickly, people have an increasing desire for something tangible, something special. For stories. For sturdy roots. For tradition. For authenticity. People are not merely looking for a place to stay. They are looking for experiences, and stories.

And these stories should also be told in the name of the group itself. Thus an idea was born: “The castle in an other country”
And yes indeed, the formulation "an other" was a conscious choice.

The castle in an other country

The English name was intended to garner heightened international attention. The website, print media and all digital communication channels were adapted. And then came Covid.

For a time, travel was either completely impossible or only feasible on a limited basis. In turn – also within the context of the climate crisis – old modes of behavior were called into question. Instead, the renaissance of regionality we had previously observed in the kitchen, now gained a foothold in a broader context. Suddenly, people were willing to take a step back; a step back to the essentials, back to authenticity. And so the decision was likewise made to return to the tried-and-trusted name "Schlosshotels & Herrenhäuser".

Yet “Experience Character” would remain, as a subtitle. Our invitation for guests to immerse themselves in the uniqueness of each of our establishments.

That said, if you still happen to encounter a sign labeled "The castle in an other country" in the occasional hotel entrance, this is a clear reminder of the creativity, innovativeness and openness of "Schlosshotels & Herrenhäuser". A spirit that is both constant and vibrant. We invite you to step inside, and be prepared to be astonished.


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