Reflection of the summit of the Zugspitze in an arched window (c) photo Ansitz Felsenheim

Fascination Mountain

Impressive mountain ranges of every shape and size have held a unique fascination for people since time immemorial. The mountain calls, wanting to move mountains, going above and beyond, or simply being over the hill... we have countless idioms revolving around the mountains, all focused, to a greater or lesser degree, on a goal to be achieved. Our selection of castle hotels and historic hotels in the mountains brings you one step closer to those inspirational peaks. Maybe you want to conquer one or multiple mountain summits, or perhaps simply wish to enjoy the impressive views and clear, healthy mountain air from your balcony or by the pool. Whether taking a stroll, hiking, mountaineering, trundling along on a mountain- or e-mountain-bike, pausing for a picnic along the way or refreshments at a mountain hut, then returning home after a glorious day in nature to your hotel, where a well-deserved pampering awaits – it sounds like a wonderful mountain getaway, doesn’t it?


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