The mutual spirit of contrasts

What creaking parquet floors and finest fabrics have in common.

Michelin Star and Zwiebelrostbraten. Rooms without Internet and breathtaking wellness oases. Creaking wood flooring and finest silk. Palatial halls and quaint guest parlors. From city to country, deep in the valley or high in the mountains. Paradises of winter and guardians of summer retreats. Amid thoroughfares of city life and breadths of forest.
Four stars, five stars, no stars. Anchored in tradition, but never dusty. Stagnant? An alien concept. Timeless! The essence in a nutshell.

Grasegg Room at Gasthof Herrnhaus, Brixlegg
Chinese Room im Hotel Schloss Leopoldskron in Salzburg

You might almost think that a certain tolerance for ambiguity is required in order to comprehend such a smorgasbord of establishments. It certainly does demand the ability to tolerate ambiguous or equivocal impressions, rather than instinctively avoiding or even rejecting them. Permitting contradictions is actual a skill that is prone to revealing whole new perspectives. Schlosshotels & Herrenhäuser shows impressively how contrasts may coexist in ways that can be harmonious, even inspirational.

Hotel Landgasthof Linde (c) Heli Hinkel

For supposed contrasts actually conceal a commonality of spirit. The spirit of Schlosshotels & Herrenhäuser, a commonality that exists despite, or precisely because of the disparity. Diversity that is coherent. Not quantifiable, not categorizable, simply experienceable.

At Parkhotel Holzner, Jugendstil meets ultramodern architecture and the new Restaurant 1908 is delighted to have received a new Michelin Star. Burg Bernstein consciously foregoes Wi-Fi and televisions in its rooms. At Schloss Mittersill, where Henry Ford and Coco Chanel indulged themselves in the good life, you can gaze from the pool upon the valley below. At Schloss Lerchenhof, the junior owner drives his tractor across the field, whilst at the See-Villa, all of the siblings lend a hand with service. Schloss Kapfenstein, together with the Winkler Hermaden wine estate, has involved the entire family for several generations, producing the most delectable of wines, one of the sons also forging knives of extraordinary quality.

In the hill country of Chianti, at Villa Le Barone, Corso and Jacqueline Aloisi de Larderel enchant all guests who grace their establishment. Schloss Leopoldskron boasts a rich history and magnificent beauty. At the Grey Bear, the Orso Grigio, host – and now also President of Schlosshotels - Franz Ladinser invites his guests to a winetasting. In Eppan, the Khuen-Belasi family conjures up a Blauburgunder that is beyond compare. If you study the walls of the Bergschlössl in St. Anton am Arlberg, you will also find the Delft tiles that have been hand-painted by host Johanna Moosbrugger. Representing the tenth generation of their family, Peter and Pia Fetz sensitively reinvent the Hirschen Schwarzenberg every week anew. All of them continuously replenish their venerable walls with new life.

We could continue much longer with hitherto unspoken tales and true myths. But we wish to leave sufficient space for you to discover all of these hidden treasures for yourself. For the one unifying element common to them all is character. The character of the establishments and of their people. A conscious departure from anonymous, highspeed “getaways” in favor of pleasurable travel and discovery.

These are the "Schlosshotels & Herrenhäuser".
A collection of historic houses and creative spirits.


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