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Happiness is what happens to us when we allow ourselves to recognize how good things really are.

When they look at the color yellow, probably the first thing negative spirits think of is envy and jealousy. This can be blamed in part on a famous saying, which puts this color in the context of the aforementioned negative emotions. Which actually does a significant injustice to yellow. For it has earned far more positive associations.

In China, for example, yellow stands for harmony and wisdom, in Hinduism for life and truth, in Feng-Shui for creativity. However, you do not have to wander to distant climes in order to discover its positive attributes. You simply need to allow yellow to work its magic on you.

Lampe im Hotel Altstadt Vienna, Wien
Detail im Hotel Schloss Fernsteinsee, Nassereith

Yellow is the radiant light of the sun. You almost literally soak it up when you climb out of the cool water and slowly dry out in the sunshine until your body is warm again. Or when, in the freshness of morning, you ascend a mountain summit and allow yourself to be bathed in the first rays of sunlight. Yellow represents visibility. It has the strongest signaling effect of all colors, stands out in the darkness, makes objects and other people visible to us. Visibility also equates to safety. Things that linger hidden in the shadow instill fear in us. Yellow is also the brilliant color of flowers. Beginning with daffodils that bloom in the spring, followed by dandelions whose yellow dots fleck the meadows until early summertime. In summer, the buttercups take over until, in autumn, the sunflowers are a blaze of yellow magnificence.


Detail im Schlosshotel Zamek Zdikov, Böhmerwald
Detail im Landhaus Falkner, Hofkirchen im Mühlkreis

Gold is also yellow. It stands for timeless elegance. Golden things appear valuable to us. Whether as a material or ornamentation, whether extensive or as a fine detail – gold imbues things with unpretentious sublimity. Envy has done nothing to earn yellow, nor vice versa. Yellow belongs to the positive things, to blossoming and safety, to radiance and elegance. Yellow is a good color.


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