Vineyards of Schloss Gobelsburg in autumn (c) photo Michael Moosbrugger

Harvest Celebrations – From Wine to Beer

Culinary treasures of Schlosshotels

After a bustling summer, a sense of tranquility and gratitude settles in. This thankfulness reaches its zenith at that time of year when nature bears its abundant fruits and the harvest is brought in. It's a season for celebrating traditions, epicurean pleasures, and unsurpassed quality in all their nuances. Enduring values that unite all members of Schlosshotels. Within our community, you will find not only extraordinary hosts of historic establishments, but also traditional vineyards and restaurants aspiring to the finer things in life. Always in tune with nature, our focus remains on what sets us apart, far removed from the interchangeable realm of mass production.

That said, In this blog article we turn our attention to our esteemed vineyards: Bründlmayer, Schloss Gobelsburg, Schloss Englar, Vitikultur Moser, and Winkler-Hermaden. We delve into the culinary universe of Stiegl Gut Wildshut and the Paracelsusstube in Salzburg. We also take a contrasting detour to discuss fasting at the See Villa on Lake Millstatt. Lastly, we offer a special tip for experiencing a seemingly endless summer in Tuscany.

Let us embark on a journey to uncover the culinary treasures of Schlosshotels. A harvest to be thankful for indeed.

Champagne Riddling Racks Filled with Bottles in the Wine Cellar at Bründlmayer Vineyard (c) photo Weingut Bründlmayer
Heiligenstein, golden autumnal vineyards at Weingut Bründlmayer (c) photo Weingut Bründlmayer

Weingut Bründlmayer – Winemaking at its Finest

Along the gentle hills that make up the picturesque Langenlois, lie the vineyards of the Bründlmayer family. Honored with numerous awards and accolades, Willi Bründlmayer's passionate work is further confirmation of the quality of his wines. His vineyards serve as a prime example of certified organic and sustainable agriculture. The variety of Grüner Veltliners ranges from the refreshing "Leicht & Trocken" to impressive single-vineyard wines such as "Käferberg" or "Lamm." Deeply rooted in the Danube region for centuries, the Bründlmayer family makes a significant contribution to the Kamptal region.

Gault&Millau Wine Guide 2023: Best Chardonnay - Best Riesling

"This Riesling is state of the art: Bründlmayer's Ried Zöbinger Heiligenstein Alte Reben—the 2020 vintage was bottled this year—is the epitome of a highly elegant wine. It scores with exceptionally nuanced fruit and a minerality that translates to sheer salinity. Taut, vibrating acidity, tremendous tension, and considerable potential complete the picture. The Chardonnay Ried Steinberg is also a bold statement. For us, it clearly ranks on a par with the best wines from Burgundy." (Gault&Millau Wine Guide 2023)

More about Willi Bründlmayer

For those interested in delving deeper into the philosophy of Willi Bründlmayer and Master of Wine Andreas Wickhoff, we highly recommend this interview with Schlosshotels partner, Döllerer Weinhaus!

3 Bründlmayer wines you simply must try

Zöbinger Heiligenstein - Alte Reben (Riesling 2021) / 99 Falstaff points
Blanc de Blancs Extra Brut Reserve
Kammerner Lamm Grüner Veltliner 2020

Autumn vineyards at Weingut Schloss Gobelsburg with Gobelsburg in the background (c) Weingut Schloss Gobelsburg

Schloss Gobelsburg - Growing Wine since 1171

Located just a short distance from Weingut Bründlmayer is Schloss Gobelsburg, another gem in the Schlosshotels collection. Here, in 1171, the monks of Stift Zwettl were granted their first vineyards. Since February 1, 1996, Eva and Michael Moosbrugger have been operating Weingut & Schloss Gobelsburg, closely collaborating with Willi Bründlmayer. Their utmost priority is to preserve, evolve, and sustain Schloss Gobelsburg's rich winemaking heritage for future generations. The vineyards of Schloss Gobelsburg are among the region's historically oldest cultivation areas, contributing significantly to the uniqueness of the wines. Upon taking over in 1996, the vineyard became a member of the Association of Austrian Traditional Vineyards.

Winery of the Year 2023

In the Gourmetwelten Cup, Schloss Gobelsburg was chosen as the Austrian Riedencup Winery of the Year.

Celebrating in Style
In addition to its exquisite wines, Schloss Gobelsburg is also the setting for grand celebrations. More on that topic can be found here.

Schlosshotels close to Schloss Gobelsburg

If you wish to first visit Schloss Gobelsburg and then, after a day filled with activities, enjoy regal accommodations, your best choice is to stay at one of the following nearby Schlosshotels:
Heurigenhof Bründlmayer in Langenlois
Renaissancehotel Raffelsberger Hof in Weissenkirchen, Wachau
Hotel Richard Löwenherz in Dürnstein, Wachau

Close-up of white grapes in sunlight (c) Weingut Schloss Englar
Schloss Englar surrounded by vineyards (c) Schloss Englar

Schloss & Weingut Englar - Tradition Meets Modernity

Nestled amid orchards and vineyards, Schloss Englar sits magically atop a hill. Owned by the Counts of Khuen-Belasi for 400 years, Schloss Englar enchants with its ensemble of viticulture, agriculture featuring a working farm, free-range chickens, and a duck pond. On a 10-hectare estate, winemaking has been practiced here since time immemorial—until 1930 with its own winery, and thereafter as a supplier to the local cooperative. The decision to once again produce their own wine was made in 2012, and the first vintage was bottled in 2014. By 2017, the historic wine cellar of the castle had reached its limits, prompting the construction of a new modern cellar at the foot of the vineyard. Rooted in centuries-old tradition, the Khuen-Belasi family is ushering in a new and exciting era for the wines of Schloss Englar.

Platinum for Schloss Englar at the Decanter Awards

Although Schloss Englar has been involved in winemaking for centuries, in its current form, it is a very young winery. That said, it brings us particular joy to announce that the Chardonnay Riserva Belasy 2020 received 97 points and a Platinum Medal at this year's Decanter World Wine Awards. A well-deserved success indeed for the Khuen-Belasi family.

Tips for Your Stay at Schloss Englar

Wine Tasting: Naturally, you can't leave the castle without partaking in a wine tasting. Pay special attention when sampling the Pinot Noir—an exceptional composition! Advance registration is requested.
Relaxation by the Pool: With a good book in hand, a refreshing dip in the pool, and a view that stretches into the distance, what more could you ask for? Find the perfect travel reading material here.

Atrium House surrounded by vineyards (c) Vitikultur Moser

Viticulture Moser – Simply No Other Way

Previously known as Weingut Sepp Moser, Vitikultur Moser is the new name for this family estate. This family-run winery serves as the antithesis of industrial operations, focusing instead on artistry and craftsmanship. The estate adheres uncompromisingly to biodynamic practices. As the Moser family puts it, biodynamics is "an inner conviction, not just a label you slap on."

For 17 generations, the family has been intertwined with winemaking. Biodynamics entered the scene in the late '90s through contact with pioneers in Alsace, culminating in Demeter certification in 2009—or perhaps, to be more precise, that is where their journey truly began.

A Place with History

The grandfather, Lenz Moser, was known far beyond the borders of Austria, also responsible for constructing the Atrium House, which serves as the heart of the estate. The offices, sales and tasting rooms, as well as the wine cellar, are all housed here. After World War II, Lenz Moser acquired undamaged components from the ruins of classical buildings for the construction of the estate. For instance, columns from the Salztor Bridge now grace the main hall, and entrance to the winery is via the steps of Vienna's former Südbahnhof railway station. A large terrace extends out in front of the building, offering a breathtaking view over the Danube Valley. The Atrium House provides a unique atmosphere perfect for various occasions, whether weddings, birthday parties, or corporate events. More on that here.

Moser Wines & Food Pairings

Pet Nat* White 2022

Food Pairing: "Enjoy as an aperitif or with a variety of canapés, from pear-topped options with melted blue cheese and almonds to brioche with foie gras and sautéed pears."

*Pet Nat is short for "Pétillant Naturel," which translates to "naturally sparkling" in English. It signifies a return to the original tradition of sparkling wine production, also known as "Méthode Ancestrale." Pét-Nats are a testament to the authentic craftsmanship of winemakers, often produced in limited quantities and with a natural approach to winemaking.

Grüner Veltliner Ried Gebling 2021 Premier Cru

Food Pairing: "Fish dishes with delicate, full-flavored sauces" - more on that here.

Cuvee Banfalu 2021

Food Pairing: "Wild boar, venison roast, ribeye steak" - more on that here.


View of the Winkler-Hermaden vineyards and the Vulkanland region in autumn from Schloss Kapfenstein (c) Hotel Schloss Kapfenstein
Archway at Schloss Kapfenstein (c) photo Schlosshotels & Herrenhäuser

Winkler-Hermaden Winery - Organic Wine in Styria's Vulkanland Region

Since 2018, siblings Christof, Thomas, and Wolfgang Winkler-Hermaden have been at the helm of this family-owned winery. Committed to the highest quality, they manage 37 hectares of vineyards following organic farming principles. The family oversees more than 100 hectares of land in total, which also includes forest, farmland, meadows, and orchards. In a nod to sustainability, the barrels used for wine maturation are crafted from their own oak trees. Nestled amid the steep slopes of Styria's Vulkanland, they cultivate 21 grape varieties. To find out more about the diversity of grape types, their research into disease-resistant varieties, and the particulars of their organic viticulture - practiced since 2009 - please click here.

Schloss Kapfenstein

The crown jewel of the Winkler-Hermaden family is Schloss Kapfenstein, featuring 16 uniquely designed guest rooms furnished with a blend of antique pieces and modern comforts. Now in its fourth generation, the Winkler-Hermaden family runs both the winery and the castle, with all ten family members passionately dedicated to the synergy of these two enterprises. Partly why guests immediately feel welcomed and at ease upon entering the castle.
More info can be found here.


As if running a winery weren't enough, brothers Thomas and Christof Winkler-Hermaden have taken on yet another culinary endeavor that is quite unrivaled. In a quest for a local alternative to imported soy sauce, their paths crossed with Michelin-starred chef Peter Trollinger, who shares their mastery of fermentation. Surprisingly, the native lupine bean turned out to be the ideal ingredient, resulting in a pure umami* flavor sensation. We're eager to see where this innovative trio will venture next.

* Umami: Umami is the fifth basic taste perceived by the tongue, following salty, sweet, sour, and bitter. In Japanese, "umami" basically translates to "delicious, tasty."

Tips for Your Stay with the Winkler-Hermaden Family

Wine Tasting: A journey through the Winkler-Hermaden family wines is a must-do during any visit to Schloss Kapfenstein. A standout is the Olivin, a Blauer Zweigelt that undergoes a month-long maceration process and matures for 24 months in Kapfenstein oak barrels. Contact and opening hours.

Picnic in the Vineyard: Choose a picnic basket, pick it up from the castle's restaurant, and then simply find a cozy spot on the Kapfensteiner Kogel. Surrounded by the vineyards, it's a perfect moment to forget about the outside world. Sounds like a good plan to us. More info.

Sunny glow on the yellow exterior of Stiegl-Gut Wildshut (c) Schlosshotels & Herrenhäuser
Sun-swathed Paracelsusstube Restaurant at Stiegl-Brauwelt in Salzburg (c) photo Andreas Kolarik

Schlosshotels Culinary Partner: Stiegl-Gut Wildshut & Paracelsusstube

Stiegl-Gut Wildshut is a magical destination that takes your senses on a remarkable journey. It combines a brewery, a distillery, a restaurant serving delicious meals, and unique rooms inspired by nature and the changing seasons. The brewery is distinguished by its unrivaled, innovative approach to beer-making. Utilizing its own raw materials, diverse aging techniques, and local expertise, the brewery is continuously crafting new types of beer. Its home-grown grain is meticulously processed and used in the malt house for creating organic beers and spirits. The centuries-old tradition of beer-making is celebrated at the Wildshut in a truly special way.

The kitchen exclusively uses organic produce either grown on site or sourced from selected local partners. Childhood memories come to life as tantalizing aromas fill the air. The menu changes according to the season and availability, wholly embracing the “Slow Food” philosophy.

Brut de Bière:A standout highlight from Stiegl-Gut Wildshut is Wildshuter Bio-Perlage, a bottle-fermented beer specialty hailed as the “Champagne of Austrian beers”.

Wildshut Workshops: Peek over the brewmaster's shoulder, explore the world of herbs and bees, or try your hand at bread-baking. All these activities are available at Stiegl-Gut Wildshut. More information can be found here.

The Paracelsusstube in Salzburg

In the elegant brew-restaurant "Paracelsusstube" at Stiegl-Brauwelt in Salzburg, you are able to experience an extraordinary blend of fine components and beer. The herbs and ingredients are sourced from their own gardens and organic farm. Meanwhile, certified beer sommeliers recommend the perfect beer pairings for the selected dishes, offering guests an immersive journey into the world of beer appreciation.

Aerial view of Hotel See-Villa standing on dark-green Millstätter See (c) Hotel Restaurant See-Villa

In the Tradition of Contrasts: Fasting by the Lake

Though this entire blog post is a culinary feast for the senses, we can't allow ourselves to overlook one of Schlosshotels' unique offerings: the pairing of seemingly contrasting experiences.

After indulging in gourmet meals, days-long wine tastings, and convivial evenings, a short break can also be incredibly refreshing. To this end, the See-Villa in Millstatt has crafted a special package. Its “Days of Fasting” are guided by hostess, Valentina Aichelburg-Rumerskirch, who is a medically certified fasting instructor.

offer details

Facade of Villa Le Barone overgrown with green and wine-red leaves in the evening (c) Villa Le Barone
Double room in warm red tones with wooden beamed ceiling at Villa Le Barone in Tuscany (c) photo Villa Le Barone

Extended Summer in Tuscany: An Insider's Tip

As autumn winds begin to chill the air elsewhere, the magical hills of Chianti still bask in the glow of a robust summer sun. Located just outside the picturesque village of Panzano in Chianti, Villa Le Barone is a haven for food lovers, gourmets, and connoisseurs of life's finer things. Under the loving stewardship of Jacqueline and Corso Aloisi de Larderel, the villa—one of the premier hotels in Chianti—feels like a home-away-from-home from the very outset. Surrounded by rolling hills and set in one of Italy’s most abundant culinary regions, this is where you can fully embrace La Dolce Vita.

Three Special Tips for Your Stay at Villa Le Barone

Meet Dario Cecchini: A master butcher and a star of Netflix's Chef's Table, Dario Cecchini's shop and kitchen are just a stone's throw from Villa Le Barone. Not to be missed.

Art and Wine at Castello di Ama: Acclaimed for its top-tier wines and modern art installations, Castello di Ama is one of the region's best-kept secrets - a perfect blend of history, nature, and creativity.

Epicurean Delights at Osteria la Panzanelle: Just a quick drive from the villa, Osteria la Panzanelle sits on the border between Florence and Siena. This is your go-to spot for the finest Tuscan cuisine. Tip for Wine Aficionados: Pair your Bistecca Fiorentina with a bottle of Chianti Classico Riserva le Baroncole by San Giusto a Rentennano. It’s literally and figuratively on the tip of everyone’s tongue in the world of Chianti Classico.


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