Springtime at Burg Bernstein

Ver Sacrum

Reawakening & hope

Oh, how gray the winter it was.
Whilst dazzled by the lights and colors of Advent.
Then extinguished.
The bustling murmur, the chinking of glasses.
Then silent.
The fragrances of the Advent season, the overfilled stomachs.
Then gone.
The joyous expectation of celebration,
Replaced by patience and waiting.

Cherry blossom (c) Jake Weirick / Unsplash

Though now it slowly emerges, that hallowed springtime.
In Japan, the cherry blossom begins.
Even if it is at the other end of the world and here, in our own latitudes, we pull out the skis one last time.
In Japan, the cherry blossom (Sakura) doesn't stand for the mere return of a season.
Sakura stands for beauty, reawakening, renewal, for transience and, not least, for hope.

Springtime at Renaissancehotel Raffelsberger Hof, Weissenkirchen
Frühling im Schloss Schönau Jagdhaus, Schönau an der Triesting

Though the winter and the past year still cast a shadow over us, we can be assured: The endless wait will indeed have an end.
Soon, we will be able to celebrate the reawakening and renewal together.
Perhaps not yet in grand style, yet from city to country, we have a few glimmers of hope that allow for a little anticipation.

Bösendorfer Suite at Altstadt Vienna, photo Julia Geiter

Springtime in Vienna

Also the city is reemerging and, with it, its people. When the sun awakens the Viennese with its kiss, the gray winter is quickly forgotten.
Enjoying its rays over coffee, accompanied by the Viennese attitude to life.
Flexibly conceived by the Altstadt Vienna until the very last minute, as times such as these demand.

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Strasserwirt in Strassen

Blossom Time in Eastern Tyrol

In the mountains of Eastern Tyrol, nature awakens in May. Everything needed for a perfect timeout & escape from the city is included in Blossom Time for 5 days at the Strasserwirt.
From hours of peaceful reflection in the lyrical garden, to extended dinners and wellness in the Strasserwirt spa.

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Veranda Suite at the Zirmerhof in Radein

Springtime in South Tyrol

From Eastern Tyrol to South Tyrol. Simplicity, tranquility and deceleration at 1560 meters.
In spring, the Zirmerhof in Radein offers guided hikes. Pure relaxation is found in the pool & wellness area with Finnish sauna, herbal steam bath & quiet-rooms.
A television will only be brought to your room at your request, though you will certainly not need one.

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Mirabell Gardens in Salzburg including fortress. Photo: Salzburg Tourism, Breitegger Günter

Spring's Reawakening in Salzburg

Spring is the time of reawakening, of warmth and of colors.
Culinarily and culturally, the Schlossirt zu Anif is the perfect way to experience this special season. Everything for an utterly enjoyable short getaway in Salzburg.

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