Paracelsusstube Stiegl-Brauwelt, Salzburg

Stiegl Brauwelt

"Brewed with all the senses"

Salzburg, Austria

The Brewery

The brewery makes its presence known even before it can be seen; the fresh smell of malt in the air. In the brewery museum itself, the pile of malt, a copper kettle reaching to the ceiling; labyrinthine pipes and pressure gauges. Silvery tanks in a white-tiled room, orange hoses, as thick as an arm, and blue levers. Dozens of kegs stored in the semi darkness and bottles in a display case gradually transforming over the course of decades. 

Stiegl-Brauerei in Salzburg
Stiegl-Brauerei in Salzburg

The Restaurant

Stiegl-Bier continues to be brewed in the most modern brewhouse in Europe according to the original purity laws of 1516. Austria’s biggest private brewery invites visitors to explore Stiegl-Brauwelt and learn more about the production and history of Stiegl-Bier – An interactive beer museum with its own cinema, yet another small brewery, several taverns - including the exclusive restaurant "Paracelsusstube" - and a Stiegl shop make Salzburg’s rich beer-brewing tradition a fascinating one-of-a-kind experience.

Paracelsusstube Stiegl-Brauerei in Salzburg
Paracelsusstube in Salzburg

The Location

Stiegl Brauwelt
Bräuhausstrasse 9
5020 Salzburg

+43 50 1492 1492


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