Altstadt Vienna Foto M. Vranjes

It was time
for something new.

Who we are.

A collection of
historic hotels +
creative minds

Born in 1965. Reborn 2020.

Who we are? We've been out there for more than 50 years. Born in 1965, over the years we've grown into a family of 50 siblings. The latter being extraordinary historical castles, mansions and houses. For travelers and individuals that seek not only for a place to stay but rather for a place to explore, to grow and evolve. We are „Schlosshotels and Herrenhäuser“.

But as deemed necessary in many "family"-run businesses around the world, one day THE day has come. To pick and choose your most talented child. And let it transition your legacy into a new era. An era belonging to another generation. So from now on, we invite you to "Experience Character".

Board of Directors Schlosshotels & Herrenhäuser Photo Cornelius Klimt

"Experiencing character with a creative mind. Does this philosophy meet your idea of travelling?
So go ahead and discover our recommendations!

Franz Ladinser

Franz Ladinser is Hotelier in Innichen, South Tyrol. He runs and manages together with his daughter Verena in the 9th and 10th generation the Boutique & Gourmet Hotel Orso Grigio.

Photo: Board of Directors Schlosshotels & Herrenhäuser (2021 - 2024).
From the left: Benedikt Kössler (Ansitz Felsenheim), Johanna Moosbrugger (Bergschlössl), Franz Ladinser (Hotel Orso Grigio)