Aerial view of Trencin with Hotel Elizabeth and Trencin Castle (c) Photo Hotel Elizabeth

Slovakia, despite its comparatively small land area, has nearly everything to offer. Natural beauty including majestic mountain peaks and crystal-clear streams flowing through deep valleys, a rich folk culture with ancient customs and traditions, as well as historic cities and UNESCO World Heritage sites. Trencin is one such city. Watching over it is a medieval castle that looms high above Trencin. And at the foot of the castle rock, you will discover the Grand Hotel Elizabeth, the only Schlosshotel we currently feature in Slovakia.

The Association of Historic Slovakian Hotels

Are you feeling inspired and wish to continue your journey of discovery through Slovakia? In that case, we very much recommend our sister organization, "Historic Hotels of Slovakia", with numerous castle hotels, manor houses, and historic hotels throughout Slovakia, and now even including a hotel in the Czech Republic. All of these venerable establishments and their friendly hosts provide you with a marvelous opportunity to learn more about the history of Slovakia, its traditions, and its culture in a special way.

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Photos: Schloss Trencin (c) Repkovatatiana/Pixabay, Trencin (c) marco677/Pixabay, Bratislava (c) Peter Toth/Pixabay, Landscape in Slovakia (c) IdaT/Pixabay, Schloss Bojnice (c) Walkerssk/Pixabay, Folklore in Slovakia (c) Jan Hrasko/Pixabay, Spiš Castle (c) marticss/Pixabay, Gondola lift in Slovakia (c) PhotoMIX Company/Pixabay, Winter landscape outside Kokava (c) Walkerssk/Pixabay


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