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Feelings of Spring

5 Castle Hotels for a magical start to spring

Feelings of Spring

5 Castle Hotels for a magical start to spring

As winter loosens its icy grip and the first rays of sun transform the landscape into a tender green, not only does nature awaken, but so, too, do hearts, coming to life anew. "Feelings of spring" – a sentiment that captures the magic that is in the air, reflected in every corner of our Schlosshotels. It describes not just the change of seasons, but also an inner awakening that resonates in our hearts. During this magical time, we invite you to experience the unique atmosphere of five castle hotels, each with its own story and charm. Whether within the historic walls of Schloss Mittersill, amidst the vineyards of Schloss Kapfenstein, in the tranquil idyll of Renaissancehotel Raffelsberger Hof, in the artistic ambiance of Schlosswirt zu Anif, or enveloped in the alpine beauty of Das Bergschlössl in St. Anton am Arlberg – each location offers an incomparable experience. These are places where time pauses, and the magic of spring can be found in every nook and cranny.

Swing chairs in the relaxation room of Schloss Mittersill with panoramic mountain views (c) photo Michael Huber |
Restaurant with set tables and picture windows looking out at the majestic mountains (c) photo (c) Michael Huber |

Schloss Mittersill – Regal residence since 1150

When spring bathes the Kitzbühel Alps in a sea of awakening colors, Schloss Mittersill opens its doors for a unique journey through time. Nestled amid the majestic landscape of the Hohe Tauern range, this historical gem combines the charm of bygone eras with the fresh breeze of new beginnings.

A Historical Gem in the Alps

Since 1150, Schloss Mittersill has been enthroned high above the Salzach valley, surrounded by the impressive scenery of the Kitzbühel Alps and Hohe Tauern range. A place that not only captivated Coco Chanel and Henry Ford but also served as the world's most exclusive social club for high society in the 20th century. The stories these walls have to tell are both colorful and intriguing, immersing guests in a world where nobility and Hollywood glamor once walked hand in hand.

A Sanctuary of Peace and Pleasure

The 43 rooms and 10 suites of Schloss Mittersill pay homage to the elegance and luxury of bygone times, skillfully combined with modern comforts. The award-winning cuisine and the enchanting spa area offer experiences that make everyday life fade into a distant memory. From the heated outdoor pool, guests can allow their gaze to wander across the picturesque mountain landscapes whilst sinking into a state of deepest relaxation.

Modern Amenities in a Historical Setting

Hotel Schloss Mittersill has masterfully managed to blend the spirit of its rich history with the demands of today’s world. Elegant parquet floors, antique furniture, and historical paintings create an ambiance that reflects the splendor of times past, while modern amenities like the spa area with panoramic views of the Alps assure guests of contemporary luxuries. Schloss Mittersill is a place where life's contrasts come together in harmonious unity. It is a sanctuary for those in search of tranquility, nature, luxury, and a touch of history, set against the breathtaking backdrop of the Kitzbühel Alps.

Schloss Kapfenstein in spring with blooming forsythias in the foreground and elongated flags hanging to the right and left of the castle gate (c) photo Schloss Kapfenstein

Schloss Kapfenstein: Styrian Springtime Splendor

In the springtime splendor of Styria's wine country, Schlosshotel Kapfenstein transports guests to a world where time and epicurean enjoyment enter a harmonious liaison. Surrounded by the gentle hills and picturesque vineyards of Weingut Winkler-Hermaden, this family gem affords a unique symbiosis of history, culinary artistry, and a true passion for wine.

A Residence Teeming with Stories

Each of the 16 individually designed guest rooms at Schloss Kapfenstein tells its own story. Named after former owners or historic events, they invite guests to discover a world where tradition and modernity go hand-in-hand. Embellished with niches and bay windows, each room offers a charming stay throughout all four seasons seasons.

Extraordinary Culinary Delights in the Heart of Styria

The cuisine of Schloss Kapfenstein is a panegyric to the rich "pantry of Styria." Regional and seasonal influences shape the culinary offerings here, ranging from hearty traditional fare to exquisite wines from their own vineyard. The picnic in the vineyard is a particular highlight, promising unforgettable moments surrounded by nature.

Weingut Winkler-Hermaden - A Passion for Quality

The heart of the castle is the Winkler-Hermaden winery, where the family has cultivated a selection of high-quality wines for four generations. With dedication and a deep understanding of ecological agriculture, wines are produced that not only mirror the landscape but also embody the philosophy of sustainable, organic farming. The respectful interaction with nature and the pursuit of quality are manifested in every glass of wine served within the historic walls of Kapfenstein. Schloss Kapfenstein offers an experience that takes visitors on a journey through taste, history, and the beauty of nature itself. It is a place where time pauses, and every moment becomes a delight.

Lounge beneath the vaulted ceilings of Renaissancehotel Raffelsberger Hof in the Wachau (c) photo Renaissancehotel Raffelsberger Hof
Exterior view of Renaissancehotel Raffelsberger Hof in the Wachau (c) photo Robert Herbst

Renaissancehotel Raffelsberger Hof: A Spring Idyll in the Wachau

At Renaissancehotel Raffelsberger Hof in the picturesque Wachau region, time stands still from the second you arrive. This charming boutique hotel, a meticulously restored shipmaster's house from the Late Renaissance, invites guests to immerse themselves in the fascinating culture and breathtaking landscape of the Wachau. Surrounded by lush nature and the calming proximity of the River Danube, the Raffelsberger Hof offers a springtime oasis of peace, perfect for experiencing the vibrant renewal of Mother Nature firsthand.

History You Can Touch

The rich history of this house is palpable in every corner, from the vaulted rooms to the arcaded walkways offering magnificent views of the surrounding village. The host Anton-Krupp family has managed to blend the heritage of the Late Renaissance with contemporary comforts magnificently, with antiques and artisanal craftsmanship shaping the ambiance to perfection.

A Refuge for Connoisseurs

The hospitality of the Raffelsberger Hof becomes especially evident at the lavish breakfast buffet, enticing guests with regional specialties and homemade delicacies. The day begins in majestic rooms and suites that leave no desire unmet, providing the ideal setting for a truly regal awakening.

Relaxation and Exploration

Besides the option to relax in the sauna or the natural swimming pond, the location of the hotel also encourages guests to actively explore the beauty of the Wachau. Whether cycling along the banks of the Danube or strolling through the vineyards, the Raffelsberger Hof is the ideal starting point for an array of discoveries in one of Austria's most beautiful regions.

Garden dining area at the Schlosswirt in Anif in springtime, with tables set in white (c) photo Schlosswirt zu Anif

The Schlosswirt zu Anif - Biedermeier Hotel & Restaurant near Salzburg

When spring transforms the landscape around the Schlosswirt zu Anif into a colorful sea of flowers, a door opens to a place where time seems to stand still. Here, on the outskirts of Salzburg, the tranquility of nature merges with the vibrancy of history, and the historic inn welcomes its guests with a warm invitation to discover a world where tradition and comfort form a harmonious liaison.

Breathing In The History

The origins of the Schlosswirt zu Anif date back to the 16th century, narrating a story of change and continuity. Originally a farmstead, it evolved over the centuries into a haven of hospitality. The Biedermeier furnishings and carefully preserved architectural details take guests on a journey through time whilst enjoying an array of modern comforts.

Culinary Journeys

Under the direction of Chef Stephan Kleinberger, the kitchen of the Schlosswirt creates culinary delights that reflect the regional diversity of the Salzburg countryside. Wild game from their own hunting grounds and products from local farmers are transformed into dishes that celebrate traditional Austrian cuisine at its finest. A feast for the senses, further enhanced by the picturesque setting of the castle garden.

A Timeout for the Soul

Springtime in Salzburg unfolds its full magic at the Schlosswirt zu Anif. A short break here means experiencing nature's renewal with all of your senses: be that on a walk through the palace grounds of Hellbrunn, discovering the cultural treasures of Salzburg, or enjoying a leisurely afternoon in the castle garden. The Schlosswirt is an ideal oasis to restore harmony to your soul and relish the invigoration of spring to the fullest.

Exterior view of Das Bergschlössl in St. Anton am Arlberg in winter (c) photo Das Bergschlössl
Saxophone player outdoors in winter (c) photo Das Bergschlössl

Bergschlössl St. Anton am Arlberg: A Springtime Dream in the Snow

When spring kisses the Alps, Das Bergschlössl in the heart of St. Anton am Arlberg reawakens – a Schlosshotel that combines tradition and Tyrolean hospitality. Located right next to the piste and gondola, Das Bergschlössl, with its eight individually designed rooms, offers an exclusive retreat. The cozy and private atmosphere of the hotel, even allowing the entire house to be rented for special occasions, makes every stay truly unforgettable.

Bringing History to Life

Das Bergschlössl, built in 1905, has tales to tell that span over a century. Originally a grain taxation station, later a doctor's office and guesthouse, the building has been renovated by the Moosbrugger-Lettner family with great attention to every detail. While preserving its historical essence, they have enriched their establishment with modern creature comforts. Guests are able to feel the presence of the past in every corner while enjoying contemporary luxury. One special highlight: the hand-painted Delft tiles collected by the lady of the house.

Culinary Creations & Après Ski

The Arlberg region is renowned for its excellent cuisine and vibrant après-ski scene. During "sun skiing" towards the end of the ski season, the joys of skiing blend with the lightness of springtime. The "Tanzcafé" (March 31 to April 14, 2024) offers an impressive selection of music played amid spectacular alpine scenery, an event that provides a perfect stage for unforgettable moments.

Awakening of Spring in the Mountains

Das Bergschlössl in St. Anton is the ideal place to bid winter farewell and welcome in the springtime. Nestled amid the stunning landscape of the Arlberg, the hotel serves as an exclusive gateway to the magic of sun skiing and a rich collection of cultural events. It is a personal invitation to relax, enjoy nature, and be enchanted by the beauty of spring in the mountains.

From Alpine Peaks to Vaulted Ceilings: That Was Our Journey Through the Variety of Castle Hotels

From the majestic heights of the Arlberg to the warmth and charm of Salzburg province, from the sun-swathed idyll of Styria to the historical ambiance of the Wachau region – our journey through Schlosshotels & Herrenhäuser combines incomparable experiences and unique hospitality. Each hotel has its own story to tell, nestled amid breathtaking natural beauty and marked by a deep love for tradition coupled with innovation. 

This is a personal invitation to experience spring in all its glory, whether in the gentle green of the vineyards or the glistening white of the last fields of snow.


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