Schlosshotels in South Tyrol

Kissed by the sun

In Italy's northernmost region, you will experience a successful blend of German, Italian, and Ladin culture and lifestyle. Both Alpine-Austrian and Mediterranean influences are reflected in the architecture, cuisine, traditions, and language. High peaks - particularly worthy of note, the Dolomites UNESCO World Heritage Region with its iconic rock formations - wide valleys, clear lakes, and picturesque villages are every bit as common in South Tyrol as its historical cities: replete with charming old towns, castles, fortresses, and museums, they provide compelling insights into the region's history and culture.

Our Schlosshotels in South Tyrol, with their warm, welcoming owners, are ideally situated to familiarize you with the countless unique features of the region. Whether perched high atop a mountain or right in the middle of the bustling goings-on, there is an establishment suited to everyone’s individual preferences. Sincere hospitality, exquisite cuisine, and excellent wines are virtually a given everywhere, while the array of activities offered both in summer and winter represent serious competition for the much-coveted 'dolce far niente'.

Impressions of South Tyrol

Photos: Meran (c) IDM Südtirol Alto Adige / Frieder Blickle, Winery (c) Weingut Schloss Englar, View of the Dolomites from Innichen (c) Boutique & Gourmet Hotel Orso Grigio, Hotel Castel Rundegg in Meran (c) Hotel Castel Rundegg, Winery (c) Weingut Schloss Englar, Wildbach (c) Der Zirmerhof, Rosengarten Massif (c) IDM Suedtirol Alto Adige / Frieder Blickle, Stilfserjoch National Park (c) IDM Südtirol Alto Adige / Frieder Blickle, View of Innichen in winter (c) Boutique & Gourmet Hotel Orso Grigio, Winter panorama (c) Parkhotel Holzner


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