View from Schloss Kapfenstein, Vulkanland


A window never grants you a full view of the world on the other side.

Windows always only provide a glimpse into a new world. Regardless of whether you are looking from the outside in, or reverse. Whether they are small and round - like on a boat - or - broad and richly ornamented – such as those of a winter garden in a chalet.


Burg Bernstein, Burgenland
Ansitz Felsenheim in Lermoos

Behind them are warming stoves, cozy rooms or magnificent palaces. Green meadows, storm tides or entire continents. Often the rooms you espy through them are dark, dusty and scary. The landscapes bleak, gray and disquieting. And sometimes the only thing you recognize in the window is your own reflection, superimposed against that which actually lies behind and thus dulling your perception. Or the dirt which the last rain left behind. Then, it suffices to free yourself or the window from all of the dirt in order to change the view or perspective.


Hotel & Villa Auersperg in Salzburg
Hotel Gasthof Hirschen, Schwarzenberg

And no matter how far you can see through a window. No matter what you discover through it or believe you can make out. What warmth you feel, or what smells you presume behind it. The light on the other side of the window will always shine brighter. It isn’t enough to rest your ear on the window and listen. Nor just to open it and stick your head outside or in. For in doing so, you are only able to conjecture, dream and hope about the worlds on the other side, but never truly experience them.


Hotel Schloss Leopoldskron in Salzburg
Ausblick von der Villa le Barone in Greve, Chianti

That is why every hut, every house, every villa and every castle doesn’t only have windows, but at least one door. For actual experiences require you to walk through doors and not merely peek through windows.

Schloss Gobelsburg in Niederösterreich


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