Christkindlmarkt Rathausplatz (c) Wien Tourismus / Christian Stemper

Christmas Markets

and Christkindlmärkte - simply enchanting

The days are shorter, but the streets of our cities and villages are brighter than ever. Advent season is knocking at the door and everything is preparing for the big celebration ahead. From afar, you hear the laughter of people, the chinking of mugs filled with mulled wine, whilst a potpourri of Christmas fragrances floats in the air. Our establishments lie close to some of the most beautiful Christmas markets in Austria, Germany and South Tyrol. From there, you can throw yourself into the midst of the bustling goings-on, only to retreat to your own cozy confines later whenever you have had your fill.

Heidelberg Christmas Market (c) Heidelberg Marketing / Thorsten Assfalg
Heidelberg Christmas Market (c) Heidelberg Marketing / Thorsten Assfalg


During an Advent stroll through the picturesque lanes of Heidelberg, so many discoveries await. The Heidelberg Christmas Market extends across 5 city squares and is indisputably one of the most magical Christmas markets in Germany. If you crave a touch of sporting activity between the mulled wine and Christmas gifts, the Karlsplatz greets you with a beautiful ice rink accompanied by a view of the castle ruins. Hotel “Das Lamm” stands right in the middle of Heidelberg. Central yet quiet, eleven guest rooms and one suite afford the ultimate in comfort and a stylish ambience.

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Spittelberg Christmas Market (c) Wien Tourismus / Christian Stemper

Vienna Insider Tip

For years now, the Christmas market on the Spittelberg has been a secret favorite of downtown-Vienna residents wanting to get away from the more “touristy” Christmas markets elsewhere in the city. There, the market stands line narrow, enchanting streets between Biedermeier houses. Here, you will find mouthwatering culinary treats and out-of-the-ordinary Christmas gift ideas. Close by is the most beautiful art hotel in Vienna, the Altstadt Vienna. Each room is individually and uniquely conceived. The perfect retreat for cozy winter days in Vienna. For stays of 3 or more nights, the Altstadt Vienna always has particularly enticing offers in store.

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Schloss Schönbrunn (c) Wien Tourismus / Christian Stemper

In Grand Style

Anyone in Vienna who wishes to experience the full magnificence of Advent cannot possibly ignore the Christmas market at Schloss Schönbrunn. Lovingly decorated huts adorn the magnificent Parade Court in front of the palace and offer much to discover. Indubitably the most exclusive way to experience the magic of winter: residing in the Grand Suite right there at Schloss Schönbrunn itself. Experience this palace unlike any other guest, able to partake in unique views of the Gloriette, the Neptune Fountain and the Crown Prince Garden - all included courtesy of the Residence Package.

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Christkindlmarkt (c) Tourismus Salzburg / Breitegger Günter
Hellbrunner Adventzauber, Salzburg / R. Zauner

Salzburg and Environs

In Salzburg, there are several Christmas markets that transform the city into a veritable winter wonderland. The historic Salzburger Christkindlmarkt on Cathedral Square is one of the most beautiful and oldest Christmas markets in the world, with a history extending all the way back to the 15th cent. A little removed from this bustling scene, you will also discover a small Christmas market on Mirabellplatz, a preferred destination for many locals. High above the city meanwhile, at the Advent market inside the fortress, you will be able to browse authentic local arts & crafts. And for a romantic retreat at the end of the day, may we suggest Hotel Schloss Leopoldskron?

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If you want to enjoy the Advent atmosphere on palace grounds, Hellbrauner Adventzauber is an especially romantic setting. The Schlosswirt zu Anif has put together a very special package for your Salzburg Advent experience:

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Half an hour beyond the Salzburg city gates, there is yet another winter wonderland – Mattsee Advent. There, during your Advent stroll, you can relish the pre-Christmas atmosphere of the market square, the local inns, the castle, and along the lake promenade. Standing right on the shore of Mattsee is Schlosshotel Iglhauser, a perfect oasis during the Advent season.

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South Tyrol

Innichen: In magical Innichen, you will discover a Christmas market that can barely be surpassed in terms of its love for detail and rich tradition. Advent like in former times, a fairytale atmosphere, arts & crafts, and authentic local cuisine. Boutique & Gourmet Hotel Orso Grigio offers, in addition to its ideal location, a special package that allows you to enjoy the Christmas atmosphere of Innichen to the fullest. And whenever you need to warm up, the rooftop of the hotel also boasts sauna facilities that are utterly beyond compare.

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If you prefer to reside somewhat removed from the village center, Parkhotel Sole Paradiso is an excellent choice.

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Meran: Even though this is where the Alps caress the Mediterranean climate and Castel Rundegg is surrounded by palms, the magic of wintertime doesn’t overlook Meran in the slightest either. In this magnificent setting, experience one of the most beautiful Christmas markets in Italy. The extensive side program, including concerts, living folk traditions and craftsmanship, further adds to the authentic Christmas atmosphere.

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Header photo: Christkindlmarkt Rathausplatz (c) Wien Tourismus / Christian Stemper; Heidelberg: Heidelberg Christmas Market (c) Heidelberg Marketing / Thorsten Assfalg; Vienna Insider Tip: Spittelberg Christmas Market (c) Wien Tourismus / Christian Stemper; In Grand Style: Schloss Schönbrunn (c) Wien Tourismus / Christian Stemper; Salzburg: Christkindlmarkt (c) Tourismus Salzburg / Breitegger Günter, Hellbrunner Adventzauber / R. Zauner; South Tyrol: Innichen Christmas Market (c) Hotel Orso Grigio / Hannes Niederkofler



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