View of the arcaded courtyard of Feistritz Castle in Feistritz am Wechsel (c) Photo

Adventure, fairy tales and myths

Distinguishing between a “Schloss” and a castle isn't always straightforward, as what was originally a castle may have in fact evolved over time into a Schloss. Put simply, it can be said that a castle was initially built primarily for defense and to project power, characterized by its massive walls, tall towers, and deep moats. A Schloss, on the other hand, was mainly used by its owner for representational purposes and intended to display wealth. Thus, a nobleman might well own a winter, summer, and hunting “Schloss”, each according to the season and occasion.

Adventures and chivalry, fairytales, and myths. Who isn't fascinated by the magical allure of imposing castles with their towers, battlements, and drawbridges? Nowadays, many castles are open to visitors, found in various locations, and hugely popular excursion destinations. In some castles, you can even reside like a lord or lady. That said, anyone who wants to experience the unique atmosphere of a castle, its legends, and idiosyncrasies will certainly relish a stay in a castle hotel. Winding staircases, hidden alcoves, concealed treasures, surprising views over the countryside, and perhaps a tale or two about a castle ghost – all this and more await you in the castle hotels of "Schlosshotels & Herrenhäuser".


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