Exterior view of Hotel Schloss Leopoldskron in Salzburg in the evening light (c) photo Hotel Schloss Leopoldskron

The irresistible charm of history and modernity

“Schloss” hotels are the epitome of atmosphere, exclusivity, and luxury. They have emerged over centuries, look back upon a long history and tumultuous times, and simply could never be recreated or "replicated" in the form in which they exist today. Hence, uniqueness is also an important aspect of a Schloss hotel.

At a Schloss hotel, it may well happen that the parquet flooring creaks or a window sash needs a little extra effort to operate. You might also notice signs of time on the antique furnishings. But it is precisely these small imperfections that make a stay in a Schloss hotel particularly charming. And when you truly engage with your historical domicile, delve into its history, and let your host recount an anecdote or two from times long past, then the venerable walls become permeated with life and it immediately dawns on you that you, too, are now privileged to have become part of that history.

Of course, our Schloss hotels come with all the conveniences of the present, so you don't have to forego a thing. Quite the contrary, a stay in a Schloss hotel becomes such an extraordinary experience precisely because of the combination of tradition and modernity. With boundless effort, patience and passion, these establishments were renovated in meticulous detail to provide you with every creature comfort, exclusive bathrooms, and all the technical prerequisites to stay connected with the outside world. If the use of WiFi or television is consciously foregone, however, then we will be certain to let you know.



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