View from the Zirmerhof, Radein

Keeping distance, gaining closeness

No word is more current or more important: distancing.

Distancing, two people maintaining the prescribed physical separation from one another, is so vital. So that at some point soon, we can leave the whole concept of distancing far behind us again.

This distancing thing is difficult. We people aren't created to keep things at a distance. And after so much distancing, perhaps we have become quite numb to the whole concept.

Schloss Kapfenstein, Vulkanland
The grounds of Schloss Schönau, Schönau an der Triesting

Prescribed physical distancing actually drowns out the preciousness that lies in distance. Maintaining distance, pausing to collect one's thoughts. Viewing things at a distance - yourself and your environment. Taking a few steps back from the imposition of a situation. Observing it all with detachment and, in the process, gaining even greater closeness.

Distance and closeness.
You will find both in these places.

So, time for us all to create some distance.

View from Schloss Kapfenstein, Vulkanland

Escape to the vineyards

On the Kapfensteiner Kogel, the view extends across the hilly landscapes of the fascinating Vulkanland region of Styria.
Before hiding yourself amid the grape vines, you will pick up your picnic basket from Schloss Kapfenstein.
At that point, your only task is to forget everything else around you.
Utterly transported, simply stay there and treat yourself to a timeout at the Castle Hotel.

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Villa le Barone, Greve, Tuscany
Villa le Barone, Greve, Tuscany

Dolce far niente

From the hills of Southern Styria to the cypresses and pines of Tuscany. Warm air, olive groves amid gently falling meadows, surrounded by broad hill country and, in the middle of it all, ivy-overgrown Villa Le Barone. Central, in the hill country of Chianti, with the most beautiful cities of Tuscany just a brief excursion away. A glass of chianti in your hand and dolce far niente.

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Burg Bernstein, Burgenland

High above, pleasingly distanced

Burg Bernstein features a roofed area spanning 8000 m² and accommodations for up to 20 guests. In the broad castle gardens, there are many hidden places to which you can withdraw as the whim might take you. Breakfast is offered either in the spacious Renaissance Hall, where only 20 of the 100 total seats may be used. Or, outside in the secluded castle courtyard beneath shade trees.

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Forest Air

Escape the city. Put distance between yourself and the bustling streets. Smell the nearby forest. Set out across the fields, hear the crack of twigs beneath your feet, ever farther. Until a clearing calms your breathing, the soft ground practically embracing you. The path back is slow. Upon your arrival, you are greeted at Gasthaus Oberjäger by 6 individually designed rooms. Inspired by the flora & fauna of the surrounding countryside. In the heart of the house an open fire that causes you to abandon all thought of distancing.

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