Hallstatt, Upper Austria. Photo: Österreich Werbung / Sebastian Stiphout


Now the time has come.

Anticipation helped us through the grey winter. The prospect of distant places that bring us closer to our true selves prompted us to give a whole new significance to distancing. Slowly they grew, those early shimmers of hope, borne by the bourgeoning of springtime. The gentle awakening of nature gave hope of renewal. The sounds of glasses chinking and hearty laughter already audible in the distance. The yearning for new adventures, new encounters and inspiration – soon it will be quenched.

Sellraintal (c) Innsbruck Tourismus Mario Webhofer

Patience was the watchword of the moment.
Now the time has come. The time for joy.

Whether joie de vivre, shared happiness, anticipation or culinary morsels.
Joy comes in many forms.

But most of all, we now get joy from the prospect
of doing again what we do best.
Opening our doors and sharing our joy.

Where the south begins

Serpentines wend their way through steep vineyards; the first isolated cypresses. Above, Parkhotel Holzner on a sunny terrace, surrounded by mountains. Arrive and step into a nicely stocked hotel bar. Glide up to your room and, from your balcony, gaze out across the forests and hillsides. Take a deep breath.

Insights into the lifestyle of South Tyrol, into what makes it architecturally and historically unique. Cultural discoveries and a delectable conclusion. A perfect reunion with travel.

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Silvretta high-alpine road. Photo: Österreich Werbung / Dietmar Denger

The most beautiful Alpine passes

Winter was canceled, though summer on the Arlberg certainly isn't sparing with its countless virtues. Finally, being able to give directions again. Whether for vintage car, motorcycle, E-car or bike. Each of the excursions close to the Bergschlössl is worth the journey here in its own right. Serpentine driving enjoyment over the many passes of Western Austria into Germany, Italy or Switzerland.

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Short Getaway at the Herrnhaus

The hike along the ridge, the blue-green mountain tarn; the moist air of the forest. Moss-covered tree trunks, birdsong and the crack of the underbrush; gravel beneath hiking shoes. Old historic rooms, Gothic vaulted ceilings, a perfectly stocked wine cellar. Treated to an excellent vintage and outstanding cuisine. A short getaway in Brixlegg, at the entrance to Alpbachtal.

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Lake Hallstatt, Salzkammergut. Photo: Österreich Werbung / Martin Steinthaler TineFoto

Between lake and mountains

Through the balcony door, you see broad expanses of water and, beyond, a high wall of rock. In Hallstatt, you find yourself in the very footsteps of humanity. From all three historic buildings of Heritage Hallstatt, you look out across a World Heritage-listed setting. From excursions to the salt mines to regional specialties at Restaurant "im Kainz", here there is everything for a perfect summer experience between lake and mountains.

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