Quiet room with floating loungers and stunning views at Schloss Mittersill in Pinzgau (c) photo Schloss Mittersill

Majestic Retreats: 7 Wellness Havens in Schlosshotels

Havens of respite

Sanctuaries of relaxation and timeless elegance, nestled within historic homes. Set against stunning natural and historic backdrops, these wellness havens epitomize what Schlosshotels are all about. These historical treasures welcome guests seeking not just accommodations, but also an unforgettable experience. In this article, we invite you to explore a world of majestic well-being, seamlessly blending tradition and modern comfort: 7 wellness havens at Schlosshotels that pamper body and soul alike.

Our journey takes us to resplendent locales, enveloped in an aura of history and style - a world of indulgence that revitalizes not only the body but also captivates the senses. From majestic alpine landscapes to castles in Hungary and Western Slovakia, to the sun-kissed hills of South Tyrol - these Schlosshotels offer not just first-class accommodations but also premier wellness facilities. Accompany us, then, on this journey through 7 regal wellness havens presented by Schlosshotels.

Open fireplace in the Queen Juliana Wedding Suite at Schloss Mittersill (c) photo Schloss Mittersill / Michael Huber | www.huber-fotografie.at
Quiet room with a view at Schloss Mittersill (c) photo Schloss Mittersill

Schloss Mittersill - Alpine & Majestic

Set against the breathtaking scenery of the Kitzbühel Alps, Schloss Mittersill rises majestically over the Salzach Valley. This unique location once welcomed icons like Coco Chanel and Henry Ford. And beyond its captivating history, within the castle walls its guests discover a sanctuary of unparalleled wellness.

Effortlessly combining the elegance of a castle with the healthful properties of the Alps themselves, Schloss Mittersill's in-house spa is a harmonious haven of relaxation in touch with nature. From the heated outdoor pool, your gaze wanders into the scenic distance as you indulge in deep relaxation. In addition to an array of bookable treatments, you will find quiet rooms affording panoramic views of the imposing mountain landscape, an outdoor Finnish sauna, a steam bath, and a bio sauna with panoramic views of its own.

3 Tips for a Stay at Schloss Mittersill

A Game of Tennis

Hit the courts where Clark Gable once played a match or two of his own, and cool off afterwards in the castle's very own panoramic pool.

A Trip to Kitzbühel

You will be able to reach this charming small city —a popular venue for world-renowned events and sporting competitions —in just 20 minutes. Whether for the Hahnenkamm races in winter or the ATP General Open tennis tournament, Kitzbühel has something for every season. For a tranquil escape whenever the mood takes you, the Schwarzsee recreation area offers an unparalleled natural experience. Find more about excursions in and around Kitzbühel here.

Classic Car Adventure to the Grossglockner

Where Henry Ford II once sought inspiration for his revolutionary developments, enthusiasts of classic motorsports will find everything they crave. The Grossglockner High Alpine Road is but one of the numerous scenic routes accessible from Schloss Mittersill.

Scenic infinity pool at the Zirmerhof in Radein (c) photo Der Zirmerhof

The Zirmerhof - A Haven of Expansiveness and Freedom in South Tyrol

Nestled at an elevation of 1560 meters in Radein, South Tyrol, the Zirmerhof serves as a jewel of relaxation. This ancient farming estate, dating back to the 12th century, has been captivating guests from around the world for over a century. Far removed from the hustle and bustle of cities and the throngs of mass tourism, here you will discover the true luxuries of life: space, time, simplicity, and a slower pace. Once you arrive, the Zirmerhof seamlessly integrates its hotel, farm, natural surroundings, and vineyard into a journey through time. This is where the allure of bygone eras meets the well-being of today —an authentic, holistic sanctuary where relaxation isn’t merely confined to the spa area.

A Paradise for the Senses

The Zirmerhof enchants not only with its idyllic location amidst South Tyrol's captivating landscapes but also through its one-of-a-kind wellness area. Light-filled rooms blend with the neighboring hillsides, and carefully selected materials like larch and Swiss pine wood, natural stone, and clay plaster impart a truly unique character to the spa. Spanning a generous 200 square meters, the indoor spa offers numerous quiet spots and cozy corners featuring open fires. A Finnish sauna with panoramic views and a rejuvenating herbal steam bath make for the perfect end to an active day in the South Tyrolean mountains.

3 Tips for a Stay at the Zirmerhof

A Journey Through Wine Culture

For wine aficionados, the Zirmerhof is a true paradise. Housed within its historic cellars is a treasure trove of over 250 fine wines, along with two dozen grappas and aquavits. Of particular note is their Gewürztraminer PINUS, produced from the Zirmerhof's own vineyard. Here, within the stout walls, the precious vintages are able to rest and develop their full aroma in perfect conditions. But the vaulted cellars offer more than just storage; they serve as a social hub where guests can enjoy casual aperitifs and tastings, thoughtfully curated by the Zirmerhof's hosts.

Wellness for the Palate

Epicurean enjoyment harmonizes with nature in the kitchen of the Zirmerhof, inspired by the principles of Hanna and Rosl Perwanger. Marked by a connection to nature and the use of the finest, freshest ingredients from their own farm, the culinary creations strike a balance between traditional dishes and modern refinement. The restaurant at the Zirmerhof has earned numerous accolades in prestigious dining guides for its excellent cuisine.

Exploring the Surrounding Diversity

The environs of the Zirmerhof offer myriad excursion possibilities. From the Bletterbach Gorges and the South Tyrolean Wine Road to historic cities like Venice and magnificent Lake Garda, the opportunities to experience Italian culture in all its richness are truly limitless.

A relaxing game of chess at Schlosshotel Szidonia (c) photo Schlosshotel Szidonia
Beautiful indoor pool with broad windows at Schlosshotel Szidonia (c) photo Schlosshotel Szidonia

Schlosshotel Szidonia - Elegance and Serenity

Where history meets contemporary comfort, the Schlosshotel Szidónia elegantly combines traditional grandeur with modern-day opulence, creating an unparalleled oasis of tranquility on this beautiful Hungarian estate. Located near the Neusiedlersee and the pioneering wineries of the Pannonian region, the hotel offers an array of delightful experiences. With baths fed by natural springs right there on their own property and a restaurant serving both Hungarian and international cuisine, this enchanting haven leaves nothing to be desired.

The hotel's expansive wellness area promises an exclusive experience for each and every guest. Officially certified as “mineral water”, this water that also supplies their pools and baths comes from two natural springs deep within the earth, guaranteeing the ultimate in relaxation and regeneration. The outdoor pool itself was designed by Alfréd Hajós, Hungary's first Olympic Champion. A wellness facility that marries tradition and luxury in a unique setting.

3 Tips for a Stay at Schlosshotel Szidónia

The Dragon Path

This one-of-a-kind themed pathway, located near Schlosshotel Szidónia, weaves through awe-inspiring natural landscapes and historic sites. Take a journey through the area's legends and mysteries.

A Foray into Fine Wines

Neighboring Burgenland has long been home to great wines. In recent years, the area around Gols, thanks to the efforts of winemaking pioneers like Gernot and Heike Heinrich, has garnered particular attention.

A Visit to Sopron

Only a 25-minute drive away, the captivating town of Sopron awaits. Highlights of this historic city include these sights and activities:
Fire Tower (Tűztorony): Sopron's landmark offering breathtaking panoramic views of the town.
Lővérek Forest: A marvelous, pristine nature reserve near Sopron.
The historic Old Town: The Old Town of Sopron is a delightful maze filled with charming squares, medieval buildings, and narrow lanes. It is a fantastic setting for a leisurely stroll through history while soaking in the unique ambiance.

Indoor pool in the style of Ancient Rome at Hotel Elizabeth in Trencin (c) photo Hotel Elizabeth

Hotel Elizabeth - Grandeur & Rock

Nestled at the foot of Trencin Castle, Schlosshotel Elizabeth is an absolute gem of Western Slovakia. Originally constructed by the esteemed Baron Armin Popper, this locale was once an exclusive gathering place for nobility who valued the level of comfort and first-class service on a par with its Viennese peers. A century later, Hotel Elizabeth continues to radiate historic charm with its original Jugendstil architecture, all whilst embracing every nuance of contemporary hospitality. Situated in the heart of the city, the hotel features 78 rooms, a wellness area complete with a pool, four saunas, and a relaxation zone. A stay here is akin to traveling through time; from the summer terrace, guests can gaze upon a 2,000-year-old Roman inscription on the castle rock. Modern design intersects with Jugendstil, making this an utterly fascinating and captivating destination.

3 Tips for a Stay in Trencin

Trencin Castle and Roman Inscription Museum

Visit the awe-inspiring Trencin Castle, which towers majestically over the city. From its heights, not only do you get a panoramic view of the surroundings but also the chance to explore the museum showcasing the unique Roman inscription etched into the castle rock.

Old Town and Main Square

Wander through Trencin's delightful Old Town and experience the vibrant buzz of the main square. To cap off your evening, consider ordering a cocktail at the Victoria Bar inside Hotel Elizabeth.

Hiking in Považský Inovec

Anyone keen on exploring nature should most definitely consider a jaunt to the nearby hills of Považský Inovec. There, various hiking trails meander through picturesque landscapes, offering an excellent opportunity to discover the region's natural beauty.

Hammam at Parkhotel Holzner in Oberbozen (c) photo Parkhotel Holzner / Gustav Willeit
Infinity pool of Parkhotel Holzner with view of the surrounding mountains (c) photo Parkhotel Holzner / Frieder Blickle

Alpine Luxury and Wellness on the Ritten - Parkhotel Holzner

Perched high above the rooftops of Bolzano and enveloped by a stunning landscape, Parkhotel Holzner embodies the spirit of the turn of the century. Stepping into this hotel is like entering a realm of history and inspiration that captivates every guest. Meticulously preserved Jugendstil decor blends effortlessly with contemporary architecture, exuding the philosophy that "the only constant is change." Here, the old and the new forge a harmonious partnership that honors the essence of Schlosshotels—timeless, yet timely and modern. Over the years, Parkhotel Holzner has expanded to meet the needs of every generation without losing any of its original allure.

Liberty Spa - A New Take on Tradition

Featuring a panoramic sauna that's second to none and a magical hammam that brings the invigorating lightness of centuries-old rituals to the South Tyrolean mountains. The spa offers a harmonious suite of treatments aimed at fostering a healthy spirit and true beauty across all aspects of life. Its infinity pool seamlessly blends into the surrounding mountain vistas. Your journey through this wellness oasis begins here.

3 Tips for a Stay at Parkhotel Holzner


Regional Culinary Flair

At their own Michelin-starred Restaurant 1908, Stephan Zippl crafts dishes that reflect his keen sense for aromas, textures, and sensual experiences. His culinary philosophy centers on four key elements: sweet, sour, crispy, and spicy. All are inspired by the finest regional produce. We won't spoil the surprise; you'll definitely have to experience this dining establishment for yourself.

Car-Free Arrival

Bolzano's central location in the Alps makes it readily accessible via the train networks of Central Europe. Located right next to the train station, the Ritten gondola runs at four-minute intervals between the provincial capital, Bolzano, and the Ritten. Having arrived at the mountain station, you will discover Parkhotel Holzner right there. As part of its „"Sustainable Travel"“-package, the hotel covers the cost of luggage delivery service. For those flying directly to Bolzano, the hotel will also offset your carbon footprint.

A Hike to the Rittner Horn

One special tip for the Ritten and Oberbozen is a hike to the Rittner Horn. This picturesque mountain peak offers not only breathtaking views of the surrounding Alps and the Etsch Valley but also a variety of hiking paths suited for both adventure seekers and nature lovers. The region is famous for its lush meadows and dense forests, making it an ideal place to explore.

Indoor pool at Hotel Castel Rundegg in Meran (c) photo Hotel Castel Rundegg
Wellness area at the Strasserwirt in Strassen, Eastern Tyrol (c) photo Strasserwirt / Hannes Niederkofler Photography

Takeaway: Two Unique Schlosshotels Wellness Retreats

Castel Rundegg - Meran, Südtirol

Majestic Alps and Mediterranean palms. Historic architecture and contemporary hospitality. Urban flair and secluded mountain landscapes. Seeming contrasts that dissolve here into thin air. A sanctuary most definitely to our liking. Learn more here.

Strasserwirt - Strassen, East Tyrol

Carefully adapted to the needs of modern times, this residence built in 1399 combines cozy, romantic parlors, a lyrical garden, and a modern SPA with unparalleled Tyrolean hospitality. The Bachmann family has created a true haven for body and soul that simply must be experienced. Learn more here.


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