Altstadt Vienna Moretti Room, Vienna

The Moretti Room at the Altstadt Vienna

Actor Tobias Moretti, an avid guest here of many years, has designed his own room at the Altstadt Vienna in collaboration with interior designer Eugenie Arlt. The idea was to juxtapose the two spheres of his life in one room.

The furniture pieces of master carpenter Wolfgang Heiss have been reduced to the essentials, captivating with their simplicity. Waking up, the guest gazes upon a breathtaking scene: The curtains give the illusion of a theater stage, the lighting skillfully establishes accent points and conjures up a languorous atmosphere.

The wall piece “Alizarin-and-White Lines with a Violet Hue” was produced by Degenhard Andrulat especially for the Moretti Room. Filling the entire wall, the photo shows the landscapes immediately above Moretti’s farm. The work created upon this contrasts mountain reality with painting reality.

Entering the bathroom, you step into yet another world: The large-scale tiles on the wall depict a meadow of herbs and flowers, whereas in contrast to this, the remainder of the understated décor evokes the stone of a mountainous alpine realm.

“At the Hotel Altstadt Vienna, I treasure the incomparable atmosphere. Although it conveys the chic lifestyle and glamor of Old Austria in its various rooms, returning home to this hotel always has something “normal” and matter of fact about it. The employees are, without exception, filled with a warmth and sincerity that is clearly not an affectation, but rather quite straightforward. For a person who is reluctant to depart, but gladly arrives, it is simultaneously a comfort and a blessing”, says Moretti.


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