Schlosshotels in Burgenland

Boundless freedom

Austria's easternmost province, Burgenland, is also its youngest, having only been a part of Austria since 1921. As the name suggests, Burgenland boasts stunning castles, though that only scratches the surface. It is also characterized by gently rolling landscapes, exquisite vineyards, spa regions, and a Pannonian-influenced climate. The Neusiedlersee, one of Europe's rare steppe lakes, with its nature reserve marks the border with Hungary.

Culture enthusiasts will be captivated by Burgenland's capital, Eisenstadt. The Esterházy Palace, Haydn House, and numerous museums and galleries are all well worth a visit. "Schlosshotels & Herrenhäuser" is particularly proud to present to you Burg Bernstein, one of Austria's most beautiful castle hotels.

Impressions of Burgenland

Photos: Podersdorf lighthouse on Neusiedler See (c) Österreich Werbung / thecreatingclick-com, Schloss Esterhazy (c) Eisenstadt Tourist Office / Bernhard Helminger, Landscape in Central Burgenland (c) Österreich Werbung / Popp-Hackner, Burg Forchtenstein (c) Österreich Werbung / Andreas Tischler


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