[Translate pls] Romantisch Romantically laid-out dinner table in the garden of Hotel Castel Rundegg in Meran, South Tyrol (c) photo Hotel Castel Rundegg Tisch am Abend im Garten vom Hotel Castel Rundegg in Meran, Südtirol (c) Foto Hotel Castel Rundegg

Romance at its best

Schlosshotels & Herrenhäuser and romance – essentially a redundancy. Because what is a castle hotel if not romantic? Of course, “romantic” can mean many different things to many people. Some may associate it with an intense, emotion-charged notion of love and passion, while others might home in on that eponymous period of art history. But for the most part, it will likely conjure up specific images: of sunsets, mystical landscapes, and dreamy places of transient beauty.

And that is precisely the world of fairy-tale palaces, medieval castles, idyllic country residences, and grand city palais embraced by Schlosshotels. Because the history that each of these beautiful properties carries is brought to expression in a multitude of ways, ensuring anyone in search of romance will most certainly find it in our hotels. Here is our selection of romantic establishments from "Schlosshotels & Herrenhäuser".


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