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Gentle Springtime

"The nicest thing about spring is that it always comes when you need it most." Jean Paul

The winter stuck around for a long time, but now the sun warms our spirits and everything awakens in fresh new resplendence. As the windows open, the fireplaces fall silent and the inn gardens fill with guests, you can feel it clearly – the breath of springtime, of lightness and joie de vivre. We are embarking into a gentle spring, both in the city and the countryside. A journey to special places permeated by peace, quiet and pure enjoyment.

Schloss Englar in Eppan
Weingut Schloss Englar in Eppan

The Joys of Wine in South Tyrol

Our search for gentle enjoyment leads us to landscapes where the Alps meet the Mediterranean climate. A gothic castle, old cedars in the courtyard, entwined in ivy and roses. Terraces lit brightly by sunshine, romantic gardens. A small paradise upon a hill. Surrounded by vineyards, Schloss Englar beckons all wine lovers to savor a special experience. Having enjoyed a sumptuous breakfast in the sunny garden, it will be time to stretch out next to the big infinity pool with mountain views. Here, you can simply allow mind and spirit to wander until it is time to begin the tour of the wine cellar, which also includes a tasting. And as an added bonus, you will receive 2 bottles of wine as souvenirs to enjoy upon your return home.

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Schlosswirt zu Anif near Salzburg

Where the forests begin and the city ends - or vice versa.

Yet another location for mouthwatering enjoyment lies at a segue between country and city. Just beyond the gates of Salzburg, yet already surrounded by open countryside, stands the Schlosswirt zu Anif. This historic inn offers rooms with every creature comfort, further delighting guests with products from farms in the region and meat from their own hunting grounds. The custom-created “Österreich-Genuss” ensemble is a source of joy for guests with a deep appreciation for all things-culinary. This is the ideal retreat for everyone in search of a short timeout whilst wanting to take full advantage of the combination of city and country.

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Hotel Burg Deutschlandsberg, Styria
Hotel Burg Deutschlandsberg

Welcome to the Castle

Burg Deutschlandsberg is enthroned high above it all. A jewel amid picturesque Southern Styria, a region which rightly merits its reputation as the “Austrian Tuscany”. A landscape that is truly beyond compare. The historic castle dating back to the 12th cent. is today home to a 4-star hotel with a toque-awarded restaurant. Surrounded by forests, meadows and vineyards. Arrive, relish the tranquility and allow your eyes to roam from the terrace out across the open countryside.

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Hotel Castel Rundegg in Meran

Wellness Escape

To all who perhaps wish to take a timeout alone for once, picturesque Hotel Castel Rundegg looks forward to opening its doors. In the center of Meran and surrounded by mountains and palms, this castle is unmistakable. Spend time at the pool and allow yourself to be pampered – nothing else is on your agenda.

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Boutique Hotel Zum Oberjäger in Lackenbach
Boutique Hotel Zum Oberjäger in Lackenbach

Historical Nights

Boutique Hotel Zum Oberjäger is located in sunny Central Burgenland. It is the ideal place for a slower-paced timeout. Here, you will reside in the oldest wing of Schloss Lackenbach. Thirteen individually designed rooms, reflecting the flora and fauna on the other side of the window. Here, the classic multi-course meal concept is turned on its head, offered not in the evening, but rather in the form of a 5-course breakfast menu. The perfect start to the day after a night with a true historical flavor.

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