Tourismus Salzburg, photo Breitegger Günter

Urban Oases

A different kind of city experience.

Firstly, the rural exodus.
The escape from endless expanses into a bustling jungle of concrete. The vibrancy of cities. Fast, loud, luminous, boisterous, animated, constantly in motion. Melting pots of different cultures and motors of creativity.

Then, the escape from the city.
The longing for tranquility & simplicity. The escape from steel and concrete. The chirruping of birds rather than the noise of the streets. Hectic life now abandoned in favor of a life spent between sunrise and sunset.

City view of Vienna, Österreich Werbung photo: Julius Silver
Helenental, Lower Austria, Österreich Werbung photo: Harald Eisenberger

City. Country.
Black. White.
Either. Or.
But there are those hidden places where busy streets bump into green oases. Places where the day begins in total quiet, yet life continues well after the sun has set. Where the fox and hare bid each other a "Good night!", though might well share a final sip of fine wine "just for the road".


Schloss Schönbrunn with Gloriette, Österreich Werbung, photo: Julius Silver

A majestic sight

It turns evening and the last people leave the grounds. The sky changes color, the lights of the city are turned on and, whilst the nighttime bustle commences all around, here suddenly, silence. The unique sight of the Gloriette and the palace park exclusively for you alone. An experience at this former summer residence of the imperial household that virtually no one knows.

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Hotel Castel Rundegg in Meran
Hotel Castel Rundegg in Meran

Alpine-Mediterranean Oasis

Surrounded by an imposing mountain panorama, Schlosshotel Rundegg rises above the town of Meran. It lives from the interplay of contrasts. Here you find rest, here you begin your next adventure. North encounters south. Palms next to cypresses, followed by grapevines, and mountains covered in dense forest. Protected within a picturesque castle garden, this Alpine-Mediterranean oasis offers everything for a wellness timeout.

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Das Lamm in Heidelberg
Das Lamm in Heidelberg

Heidelberg Patio

Hotel Lamm lies centrally in Heidelberg, in Handschuhsheim, one of the most beautiful parts of the city. Between the houses, a secluded courtyard. Flanked by lush vegetation, with walls of sandstone. Waiters sashay between the people clad in colorful summer clothing, finetuning the culinary canon. Guests tarry beneath the shadow of the marquees, gladly experiencing one of the most beautiful cities in Germany.

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