Outdoor pool at Schloss Mittersill with sun loungers and mountain views

Summer Retreats at Schlosshotels

4 Revitalizing Oases for an Unforgettable Summer

"Summer Retreat" – a charming concept that stirs longing for lightness and relaxation. Amid lush green landscapes, where gentle breezes rustle through the leaves of trees and the scents of wildflowers caress your senses, lies the key to an unforgettable summer experience. This is a time when the soul breathes, daily worries dissipate, and the pure joy of life becomes palpable.

Historically, "summer retreat" signified a seasonal relocation from the hustle and bustle of city life to the idyllic countryside. This term took root in the 19th and 20th centuries when the aristocracy made a beeline for their summer residences in the country, and city dwellers sought peace and recuperation in nature. Romantic picnics in green settings were in vogue, whilst work took a backseat, and life was savored in harmony with nature. Today, the summer retreat is a cherished tradition that invites us to escape the everyday and fully immerse ourselves in the beauty of summer. Whether at a private summer residence, a cozy guesthouse or private B&B, summer retreats promise precious moments of relaxation and indulgence.

Our collection of historic properties is the perfect choice to experience the true magic of the summer retreat in all its splendor. The Schlosshotels blend timeless elegance with modern hospitality, creating exceptional energizing spots where tradition and contemporary comforts intertwine in complete harmony.

So, let us now embark on a journey to locales that epitomize summer retreats at their finest.

Hotel Landgasthof Linde with garden (c) Heli Hinkel
Garden house of the Hotel Landgasthof Linde

1. Summer Days in Zillertal - Landgasthof Linde

Welcome to Landgasthof Linde, a tradition-steeped inn nestled amid the enchanting mountain landscapes of Zillertal. For over 500 years, this gem with its unique history, familial hospitality, and authentic Zillertal charm has been an inviting spot to linger and relish every passing moment. Their outstanding tavern-style cuisine, which earned the Gault & Millau "Inn of the Year" award in 2020, dazzles with regional delights accompanied by an unmatched ambiance. This Schlosshotel in Zillertal stands as a proud counterpoint to the anonymity of large-scale corporations and hotel chains, a place where timeless tradition meets heartfelt service.

Regionality and Agriculture

Here, genuine conviction and lived sense of responsibility are clearly evident, not least because Landgasthof Linde primarily sources its products directly from the Zillertal region so as to ensure quality and freshness. On its own farm, valuable regional products – ranging from calves, young cattle, and lambs grazing on fresh pastures, to fresh quail and chicken eggs for the breakfast table – are cultivated and nurtured with absolute joy and devotion.

A special highlight of Landgasthof Linde is the fruit and vegetable garden, a nostalgic nod to times past. Here, vegetables, herbs, and even the flowers used for table decorations are grown. Every meal reflects the abundance and freshness of the garden. The apples and pears from the orchard are transformed into homemade jams, straight-from-the-oven apple strudel, or freshly squeezed organic natural juice. Even in autumn and winter, delicious dishes are conjured up from the garden's produce (in German) pampering the palate and enchanting the senses.

Landgasthof Linde offers culinary connoisseurs as well as active summer sports enthusiasts a revitalizing base from which to enjoy an unforgettable summer.

3 Tips for an Active Summer in Zillertal

Experience the Magic of Zillertal on Foot

Feel the fresh mountain air and experience the fascinating landscapes of Zillertal. The hiking trails lead through picturesque valleys, gentle hills, and to idyllic mountain lakes. With around 1000 kilometers of hiking paths, there's something for every taste and ability level. Here, you can explore all the Zillertal hiking trails even before you arrive.

Discover the Freedom of Zillertal on Two Wheels

Zillertal is a true paradise for cyclists and mountain bikers. With approximately 1300 kilometers of bike paths, you are able to explore the awe-inspiring landscape on two wheels. Whether leisurely tours along the banks of the Ziller or challenging bike trails through the mountains, there's something here for each and every cyclist. Enjoy the freedom and the breeze in your face on the countless bike paths of Zillertal.

Climbing in Zillertal

For climbing enthusiasts, Zillertal offers a multitude of opportunities. Explore the practice areas, bouldering zones, and indoor climbing walls that provide the fun and challenges craved by climbing fans of all experience levels. The professionally designed rock-climbing routes in Zillertal captivate with an array of exciting challenges.

View across Gosautal from Landhaus Koller in Gosau

2. Schlosshotel in Gosau am Dachstein - Landhaus Koller

"Vacation like it's 1900 - 20 rooms and no elevator." Quite a statement. This was a place where the emperor was a guest, and every guest is treated like royalty.

This enchanting historic house has been gently ushered into the 21st century. Here, there's zero rush for "always more" and "constantly new", but rather an atmosphere of familial hospitality and culinary quality. Instead of a conventional hotel elevator, discover lovingly crafted solid wood king-size beds, offering the most beautiful views of picturesque Gosau Valley and the majestic Gosaukamm Gorge. Landhaus Koller, surrounded by generous park grounds, blends in complete harmony with the nearby fields and meadows.

This Wilhelminian-style villa in the green expanses of the Salzkammergut region impresses with its rustic elegance and unique location. The perfect place to escape the bustle of the city and yet, to reside in grandeur.

The Salzkammergut – arguably one of the most enchanting regions of Austria.

3 Tips for a Fabulous Summer at Landhaus Koller

Bike & Hike

What better, more beautiful way to explore the Salzkammergut than by cycling and hiking. Each year, Landhaus Koller crafts impeccable packages, tailored to help guests uncover the stunning beauty of this mountainous world.

Gourmet Dining in the Faberstube at Landhaus Koller

The daily rotating gourmet menu offers a selection of dishes for you to pick and choose from as you will. We recommend all our guests consider the half-board option. Rest assured, it's well worth it.

A Rustic Retreat at an Alpine Cabin

Landhaus Koller proudly features a delightful alpine cabin (in German) as part of its charm, celebrating the luxury of simplicity. Accommodating up to five guests, it is nestled within the grandeur that is the Salzburg mountains, at 1500 meters above sea level. An exceptional way to immerse yourself in the magic of a true summer retreat.

View from Seeschlössl Velden across the sunbathing lawn to the bathhouse in Lake Wörthersee

3. Seeschlössl Velden - Castle Romance on Wörthersee

Welcome to Seeschlössl Velden hosted by the Bulfon family, a luxurious haven on the shores of Lake Wörthersee. Here, you become a part of a stately vacation, reminiscent of the high-society lifestyle at the turn of the past century, yet with even greater creature comforts. The Seeschlössl is ideally situated in the Velden Bay, nestled amid landscaped grounds that stretch down to the turquoise waters. Via a set of stairs, you will come to the private beach with its 60-meter long, romantic shoreline. It is the perfect place to relish your summer to its fullest.

A Gem of Wörthersee Architecture- An Excursion into History

This unique building has graced the shores of Lake Wörthersee for over a century and has undergone a fascinating transformation. Originally conceived as a summer residence for Cavalry Captain Carl Littmann, it reached its full glory around the turn of the century. Today, it stands as a stylish haven of wellbeing, nestled within elegant park grounds.

Whilst Emperor Franz Joseph resided in Bad Ischl and the nobility sought their summer refreshment in the south, an architectural masterpiece was born in Velden: the Seeschlössl. Constructed in 1914 and 1915 by master builder Anton Bulfon based on the designs of renowned architect Amadeo Marchetti, it symbolizes timeless elegance. Its unique style is characterized by an "English floor plan," with a central hall that defines the stately furnished rooms. The exterior features projections, bay windows, terraces, and turrets that add special accents and bestow upon the house its incomparable picturesque charm.

Let the beauty of the Seeschlössl enchant you—a place where tradition and timeless aesthetics converge, promising an unforgettable stay on the shores of Lake Wörthersee.

The region has been captivating people for decades, and it's not hard to see why.

2 special tips away from the lake

A Trip to the Tscheppaschlucht

Venture into the untouched depths of the Tscheppaschlucht (in German) and you'll be met with a breathtaking natural spectacle, marked by deep gorges, majestic rock formations, and an abundance of blooming flowers. Over the years, water has sculpted the landscape in its own image, and now, secure pathways, bridges, ladders, and stairs invite you to embark on a challenging yet rewarding adventure.

Citrus Garden on Faaker See

A visit to the nearby Citrus Garden on Faaker See is always well worth the trip. This botanical garden is a rarity in Austria, boasting an assembly of 280 citrus plants from around the world, making it a true jewel. Discover ancient varieties from the Medici collections of the 16th century, rare species, and exotic plants from the Far East, Africa, and America, as well as newer species from the Australian hemisphere.

Schlosshotel Iglhauser on the shore of Mattsee close to Salzburg

4. Schlosshotel Iglhauser - A Summer on Mattsee

A place of historical enchantment awaits you on the idyllic shores of Mattsee: Schlosshotel Iglhauser. Once a "Hoftafern" dating back to 1398, this picturesque estate now invites guests from all over the world, who have good reasons for returning time and again.

One such reason is undoubtedly the gourmet cuisine of Mrs. Iglhauser, with fresh fish from their own waters, locally sourced produce, and homegrown herbs taking center stage. She crafts dishes based on historical recipes taken from the old "Salzburg Kuchlgärten".

Another reason to travel to Mattsee is the hotel's impressive wine cellar, home to a selection of exquisite wines celebrated far beyond the regional borders.

The cozy and unpretentious atmosphere extends to the rooms and suites. Despite residing between the massive medieval walls of this former castle brewery, dating back to the year 1200, the castle's current "lords and ladies" have created a comfortable sanctuary with charm and taste.

Values such as comfort, coziness, good cheer, and remarkable cuisine shape the secret charm of Schlosshotel Iglhauser.

Attractions on Mattsee

Schloss Mattsee

From the majestic Schlossberg, a breathtaking view of shimmering, turquoise Lake Mattsee opens up before you. This idyllic place invites you to relax completely and take leisurely strolls.

Ferdinand Porsche Erlebniswelt fahr(T)raum

The fascinating Fahr(T)raum in Mattsee is far more than a run-of-the-mill "classic car museum". Within the unique setting of a former shoe factory, its industrial charm offers an up-close-and-personal experience with technology for visitors of all ages. On display are vintage racing cars, tractors, and, since 2023, even historical aircraft.

The Abbey Museum in Mattsee

Inside the impressive Abbey Museum (in German), housed in the beautiful rooms of the Propstei, visitors can discover unique and fascinating exhibits of great cultural and historical significance.

Parkhotel Sole Paradiso on the forest’s edge in Innichen, Dolomites, South Tyrol
View across Lake Hallstatt from the Heritage Hotel in Hallstatt, Salzkammergut

More Tips: Experience a glorious summer retreat at Schlosshotels

Heritage.Hotel in Hallstatt: Whereas cities are unable to escape the heat, the lakes and mountains provide perfect refreshment on hot days. Schloss Mittersill in Pinzgau: With its commanding position above the valley, this stately home is the epitome of an Austrian summer retreat. Parkhotel Sole Paradiso: The Dolomites beckon with breathtaking natural spectacles. And the ideal base for exploring them is the Sole Paradiso in San Candido, South Tyrol.


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