Dürnstein, Wachau (c) photography.pfeffel.at

Escape to Freedom

Renewal and Hope

At last, we have made it to springtime. The days are growing longer and the magic of spring wafts in the air. The ground gets warmer, the air more fragrant, new life burgeons everywhere.

Since time immemorial, spring has stood for escape and renewal, for transience and hope. We can celebrate having left many a burden behind us and trust that something splendidly new will evolve before our eyes. This is indeed the time for an escape to freedom and a journey to those places which – detached from all cares – are dedicated to a life of ease.

Header photo: Dürnstein, Wachau (c) photography.pfeffel.at

Renaissancehotel Raffelsberger Hof in Weissenkirchen
Renaissancehotel Raffelsberger Hof in Weissenkirchen

Spring Days in the Wachau

The Wachau is undoubtedly one of the loveliest areas in Austria. Nestled right next to the beautiful blue Danube, traversed by vineyards and terraced landscapes, and home to immense hospitality. A region where life is enjoyed to the fullest. Flanked by the unique hill country of the Wachau, we also discover Renaissancehotel Raffelsberger Hof. A historic treasure, where guests reside in a remodeled shipmaster’s house from the Late Renaissance. Built in 1574, the Raffelsberger Hof looks back on a long history, yet has successfully made the leap forward into the present. Drink wine, enjoy the countryside and breathe the air of pure freedom.

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Hotel Richard Löwenherz in Dürnstein

Wachau Getaway

Because we love springtime in the Wachau so much, let us stay here for a while longer. In the heart of the Wachau, in historic Dürnstein to be precise, stands Hotel Richard Löwenherz. The history of this hotel takes us all the way back to the year 1289. Since 1880, it is the Thiery family that has run the show amid the vast rooms of this former Clarissan convent. They have transformed it into an inn of European standing, named after former King Richard the Lionheart, who was imprisoned in Dürnstein from 1192 to 1193.

Guests are certainly not required to reside in Dürnstein for as long as Richard the Lionheart, though the hotel does have a very enticing offer that will doubtlessly “captivate” you with its beauty.

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Der Zirmerhof in Radein
Der Zirmerhof in Radein

Spring Sampler Days

Above the clouds, the sense of freedom must be boundless. Located at 1560 m above sea level is a unique retreat: the Zirmerhof in Radein. Here, guests discover true luxury far removed from the bustling outside world: silence, time, simplicity and deceleration. The cuisine is outstanding; deeply regional yet complex. Three mountain huts somewhat removed from the hotel and a near-natural wellness area promise relaxing days amidst peace and clarity. Your hosts invite you to acquaint yourself with the Zirmerhof and enjoy a room upgrade when staying 4 nights or longer.

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Strasserwirt in Strassen

Gourmet E-Biking at the Strasserwirt

From South Tyrol, we now make our way to East Tyrol, home to the Strasserwirt, promising enjoyment, relaxation and nature in abundance. An E-bike is a particularly ecofriendly means to experience the freedom of these breathtaking mountain landscapes. You will also receive a culinary rucksack, comprised of tidbits from the Strasserwirt’s award-winning kitchen, and all part of their current E-bike package!

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