Square in the town of Müllheim (c) Photo Stephan Malter

Germany has an incredible wealth of castles and palaces to offer. It is fair to say: no matter which region you travel to, you will find stunning strongholds of yore and former noble residences everywhere. In some places, you can tour these architectural wonders, and in others, you can even stay within their historic walls, immersing yourself in the unique atmosphere. Although we currently only have one castle hotel in Germany, it is located in a particularly charming little town: the Alte Post in Müllheim in the Markgräflerland region.

Impressionen aus Müllheim

Header photo: Town of Müllheim Heidelberg (c) Stephan Malter
Photo gallery of Müllheim: All pictures (c) Town of Müllheim (photographer according to details): Gerbergasse (Stephan Malter), Spring (Sabine Lang), Kutschen Weber (Stephan Malter), Markgräflerplatz (Stephan Malter), Fountain (Stephan Malter), Mill wheel (Stephan Malter ), Alte School with bridge (Stephan Malter), Spring landscape (Sabine Lang), Klemmbach in Müllheim town centre (Johann Schmieder), Autumn impression (photographer Rebenhäusle : Edgar Ehrler), Fasnacht (Frank Tusch), tradition of Scheibenfeuer (Frank Tusch)


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