View of Heidelberg (c) photo Sandesh Athreya / Unsplash

Germany has an incredible wealth of castles and palaces to offer. It is fair to say: no matter which region you travel to, you will find stunning strongholds of yore and former noble residences everywhere. In some places, you can tour these architectural wonders, and in others, you can even stay within their historic walls, immersing yourself in the unique atmosphere. Currently, we are only able to offer one Schlosshotel in Germany, but it is located in a particularly charming spot: Das Lamm, in the historic district of Handschuhsheim in Heidelberg.

Impressions of Heidelberg

Header photo: View of Heidelberg (c) Sandesh Athreya / Unsplash; Photo gallery: All pictures from Unsplash; Bridge and historic district of Heidelberg (c) Mateo Krossler, Historic district with castle in Heidelberg (c) Matt Eberle, Castle towers in Heidelberg (c) Steven He, Church in Heidelberg (c) Leonhard Niederwimmer, Window in Heidelberg (c) Brina Blum, Bridge with view of the church in Heidelberg (c) Yahya Momtaz, View of Heidelberg with castle (c) Lisa Fecker, Lane through the historic district of Heidelberg (c) Tobias Reich, View of Heidelberg with bridge over the Neckar (c) Tobias Reich, Market square in Heidelberg (c) Ruben Hanssen, Lane in the Old Town of Heidelberg (c) Tobias Reich, Houses in the historic section of Heidelberg with guild signs (c) Robert Linder, View through a wall opening of the Heidelberg historic district (c) Denise Schuld, Mystical atmosphere at the castle with view of Heidelberg (c) Christian de Stradis, River Neckar with bridge and illuminated castle in winter by night (c) Philip Jahn


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