Lamp at Boutiquehotel Mühle, Schluchsee


Thoughts about lamps.

It is better to kindle a small light than to curse the darkness. Light symbolizes that which is positive and hopeful in life. Light creates atmosphere. Light provides safety. Light generates feelings of security. Often reflected in the language we use. “I see a light at the end of the tunnel” or “A light bulb went on in my head.” Where light shines, things emerge that are not visible without it. Light represents the end of a long, difficult time or the plan for escape from a hopeless situation. For light is always illuminating.


Lampe im Hotel Auersperg, Salzburg
Lampe im Landhaus Koller in Gosau

Light exists in the widest variety of colors and forms. Sometimes it swathes an entire village in golden tones. At others, it turns a ridgeline pink – almost purple. Pale light transforms a narrow lane into something mysterious. Dim light imbues a tiny bar with coziness.
The light from a candle is weak and flickering. The power of a headlight strong and focused. The beam of the flashlight points the narrow path forward. And the light of a lamp bathes an entire room.
The sun shines brighter than the moon and stars together. Only the light of a big city is stronger still, causing the stars to disappear into blackness.


Lampe im Landgasthof & Hotel Linde, Stumm
Lampe im Hotel Der Seehof, Goldegg

Yet where there is light, there is also always shadow. Concealing many a thing enveloped within its darkness. The shadow is cold. It is often chilling and sometimes even threatening. Be that the shadow of a somber forest or that of tall buildings. Though a shadow may briefly offer much-needed coolness and recuperation, it cannot endure. Mankind needs light in order to live. Though also shadow to recognize the contrast with light. And to value that light. For no light exists forever.


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