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A walk across time

About the diverse interplay between traditional and modern.

All of our houses unite a diverse interplay between traditional and modern. Preserving that with which we were entrusted, but never standing still. Each house is unique in its history and the stories that were written there. Yes, indeed, if our walls could talk, they would have much to tell. During a sojourn at one of our establishments, you encounter the incomparable. It may well be that you summarily lose all track of time and space. Suddenly, you are in harmony with all that ever was, all that is happening now and all that is yet to come. A journey traversing history, a walk across time.

Landgasthof & Hotel Linde in Stumm, Zillertal
Landgasthof & Hotel Linde in Stumm, Zillertal (c) Heli Hinkel

Beauty in diversity.

One of the oldest inns of Tyrol, amid the mountain world of Zillertal. In this historic place, you cannot but feel absolutely at ease. On the ground floor, old lounges with countless nooks and crannies, above them, rooms and suites speaking a timelessly elegant language of form. At Landgasthof Linde, tradition is innovatively interpreted. Not without good reason was the Linde recently crowned by Gault&Millau as its “Inn of the Year”

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Heritage.Hotel Hallstatt, Salzkammergut

Between lake and mountains

Hallstatt walks in the footsteps of mankind itself. In UNESCO World Heritage Hallstatt, we find three historic establishments united under the name Heritage.Hotel Hallstatt. Haus Kainz right by the boat landing, Bürgerhaus Stocker with its 500-year history and Haus Seethaler on the Hallberg, with its incomparable panoramic view. In total, the hotel offers 56 rooms and 7 junior suites – all looking out over the lake.

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L'Orso Grigio, the grey bear.

Boutique & Gourmet Hotel Orso Grigio in Innichen looks back on a 550-year history. Cautiously handed down from generation to generation, here, traditional and modern coexist in total harmony. With boundless love for detail and the unbridled striving to constantly make things even better. A place that unites different worlds and reinvents itself time and again. Perfect for a journey through the history of cuisine & design.

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Hotel Schloss Leopoldskron in Salzburg

The jewel next to a small lake

As you stand in front of Schloss Leopoldskron, it is difficult to find the right words to describe this magnificent place. It almost seems to have been plucked from the pages of a fairy tale. Only a few minutes from the historic city center of Salzburg, this jewel is set on the shore of a small lake. Such a storied house, you could lose yourself in it for hours on end. Step into the library, pull one of the books of the shelves, flop into an easy chair, lose all sense of time and space.

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Cherry Room at Boutique Hotel Zum Oberjäger in Lackenbach (c) Klaus Vyhnalek
Kochsalon im Boutique Hotel Zum Oberjäger in Lackenbach (c) Klaus Vyhnalek

Accommodations in the Castle Wing

The harmonious balance between historical substance and contemporary design is manifested perfectly at Boutique Hotel Zum Oberjäger. Located in Schlosspark Lackenbach in Burgenland, guests discover thirteen individually conceived rooms. Inspired by the flora and fauna of the surrounding countryside, Viennese design studio “Polka” has playfully interwoven historical and contemporary influences.

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