Though one idea may be supplanted by another,
that of freedom may not.


The urge to be free has been inscribed in humankind since time immemorial. Only in connection with other living creatures are we at all able to experience and comprehend our freedom. And for every person, freedom means something completely different.


The freedom to go or to stay. To see and look away, or closely scrutinize. To be free to speak, to listen and then have a different opinion, and also to express that opinion. So free that you can do everything you want – without impinging upon the freedom which others also enjoy.

Freedom is the foundation of human existence. To be alone or with other people. Whenever, and above all, wherever you please. Being free also means having the choice – of pathways and places:


The mountain that allows you to gaze across the surrounding hills and villages. And your thoughts to roam into the far distance. Those empty streets of the big city that invite you to luxuriate. Leading to new destinations. The water that denies the sight of the far shoreline. Whilst inviting you to dream daring dreams. Freedom is a forest, the sea or a large empty space.



Though freedom is also a small hut or a big castle. A white wall providing the opportunity to conjure up new pictures. An empty room serving as a catalyst for the realization of visions. Or a shady inner courtyard that gives you the strength to innovatively think and create.

Freedom is to be found everywhere. You must only give it a chance. Regardless of whether you are at home or you find it somewhere you have often been before. Without having discovered it. Or you chance upon a new place for the first time. There are times when freedom is so close at hand, and others when it seems so far away. But freedom exists always.


Stay connected and experience character.


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