Winter landscape in Carinthia with tracks in the snow heading towards the setting sun and trees on the horizon (c) photo Österreich Werbung / Michael Stabentheiner

Towards the Sun

5 Schlosshotels for the Perfect End to Winter

As the last snowflakes gently fall to the ground and the first rays of sunshine warm our days, the end of winter approaches—a time of transition and renewal. This is the perfect opportunity to savor the quiet and splendor of winter to the fullest one last time before spring takes hold. In this spirit, we are pleased to introduce you to five Schlosshotels that not only capture the magic of winter's final moments but also celebrate the gentle shift into the fresh spring season.

From snow-blanketed Carinthia to the sun-drenched slopes of South Tyrol, each of our selected Schlosshotels offers a unique experience to mark the end of winter. Whether you want to indulge in the year's last skiing opportunities, enjoy the tranquility of nature during winter walks, or simply relax in the warm atmosphere amid historic walls, these hotels provide the ideal setting for an unforgettable conclusion to the winter season.

Our journey takes us to extraordinary places where attention to detail and dedication to hospitality make the end of winter a truly festive occasion. Discover the charm of Schloss Lerchenhof in Hermagor, the alpine elegance of Parkhotel Sole Paradiso in Innichen, the warm hospitality of the Strasserwirt in East Tyrol, the historical splendor of Landhaus Koller, and the burgeoning of spring at Gasthof Herrnhaus in Brixlegg in Tyrol. Each of these Schlosshotels offers a unique opportunity to bid winter farewell and welcome the first harbingers of springtime.

Snowy exterior view of Hotel Schloss Lerchenhof in Hermagor (c) photo Hotel Schloss Lerchenhof
Couple in the sun in a "beach basket" by the piste in the Nassfeld ski area (c) photo Nassfeld / Martin Steinthaler

Schloss Lerchenhof: A Refuge for Winter Lovers and Spring Enthusiasts

Nestled amid the breathtaking scenery of the Carinthian, Friulian, and Slovenian three-corners region, Schloss Lerchenhof stands as a jewel of hospitality and culinary excellence. This historic castle hotel, known for its family atmosphere, invites guests to experience both the final joys of wintertime and the tender onset of spring in all their glory.

Unique Winter Experiences and A Gentle Start to Spring

Schloss Lerchenhof offers the perfect starting point for skiers and winter enthusiasts eager to explore the slopes of Nassfeld, Carinthia's largest ski area. With over 110 kilometers of pistes and state-of-the-art lift facilities, unparalleled skiing enjoyment is guaranteed. But the Schloss also boasts a diverse array of offerings away from the slopes as well: from romantic sledding expeditions to relaxed afternoons spent in the hotel's small-yet-exquisite wellness area.

Cuisine that Captivates

At Schloss Lerchenhof, the focus is on Slow Food and regional products. Start your day with a hearty breakfast, enjoy a snack in the afternoon, and be enchanted by the creative creations and natural cuisine featured on the dinner menu in the evening. Junior owner Johann Steinwender and his team place great importance on treating every guest to truly authentic taste experiences.

The Perfect Offer to Conclude Your Winter

Whilst the special winter offer at Schloss Lerchenhof, including accommodation, ski pass, and culinary delights, promises an unforgettable stay, it is the house's avowed philosophy to welcome guests at any time of the year. With the +Card Holiday Winter, a free ski bus directly from the hotel, and the option to end the day in the sauna, every stay becomes an exceptional experience.

Sustainability and Connection to Nature

Schloss Lerchenhof is fully committed to a sustainable business philosophy. From green energy self-sufficiency to their "Zero Kilometer" Slow Food restaurant and a nature-based approach to waste management, guests are able to experience a vacation in harmony with the environment.

Exterior view of snowy Parkhotel Sole Paradiso in Innichen, South Tyrol, in brilliant sunshine (c) photo Parkhotel Sole Paradiso

Parkhotel Sole Paradiso: Where the Dolomites Greet Springtime

Just a stone's throw from the picturesque Dolomite spa town of Innichen, Parkhotel Sole Paradiso welcomes its guests with open arms. In this historic family-run hotel, which has celebrated hospitality for over 140 years, you will find the perfect retreat to enjoy the last moments of winter and the gentle transition to spring.

A Harmonious Blend of Art Nouveau and Modernity

With 36 individually designed rooms and suites that offer a unique blend of Art Nouveau elements and modern comfort, Parkhotel Sole Paradiso promises a stay full of charm and personality. Each room tells its own story, created by an in-house carpentry workshop, inviting guests to dive into a world of tradition and contemporary elegance.

From the Joys of Skiing to the Awakening of Springtime

The Sole Paradiso attracts ski enthusiasts for one last dance on the slopes before spring transforms the Dolomites into a sea of flowers. Enjoy the special flair of the end of winter with attractive conditions for stays and ski passes, as you experience nature slowly awakening from its winter sleep.

Culinary Journeys and Historical Moments

Parkhotel Sole Paradiso is not just a place of rest and relaxation but also a culinary refuge. The kitchen combines young South Tyrolean traditions with creative Mediterranean influences, inviting guests on a flavorful journey through the Alps.

A Place of History and Charm

The historic walls of the Parkhotel tell stories from days long past, when the "Gasthof zur Sonne" first opened its doors. Visitors from all over the world, including prominent celebrities, have found a sense of peace and heartfelt hospitality here throughout the years. The hotel, which promised "a summer retreat and dust-free idyll," has preserved its unique atmosphere to this very day.

Parkhotel Sole Paradiso offers an escape during which you can watch the last snowflakes melt and embrace the first signs of spring. It is a place where tradition and modernity, peace, and nature experiences go hand in hand—a perfect destination for those who want to celebrate the end of winter in the majestic presence of the Dolomites.

Strasserwirt in Strassen in winter with a horse-drawn carriage in the foreground (c) photo Strasserwirt
Double room with wooden floor and clean-lined light wooden furnishings at the Strasserwirt in Strassen, East Tyrol (c) photo Hannes Niederkofler

Strasserwirt: Where History Meets Modern Tyrolean Hospitality

Nestled amid the breathtaking landscapes of East Tyrol, close to the majestic Dolomites, the Strasserwirt welcomes its guests for a winter finale beyond compare. This historic residence, which has upheld the tradition of Tyrolean hospitality since 1399, combines the warmth of yesteryear with the luxury and elegance of a modern 4-star hotel. At the Strasserwirt, the concluding moments of winter and the first signs of spring strike a harmonious chord.

An Oasis of Calm and Culinary Delights

With loving attention to every detail, the Strasserwirt has been adapted to meet the demands of modern times without losing any of its original charm. The romantic lounges, secluded nooks, and the Lyrical Garden of the hotel invite guests to relax and enjoy precious moments of pure relaxation.

Culinary Flights of Fancy in a Historic Setting

Under the able leadership of Werner Gander, the kitchen of the Strasserwirt takes its guests on a culinary voyage of discovery. The light Tyrolean toque-awarded cuisine, elevated by creative Mediterranean influences, celebrates the transitional period with dishes that bring both winter flavors and springtime lightness to the plate. An exquisite drop or two from the Strasserwirt wine cellar raises the culinary experience to perfection.

Rejuvenation for Body and Soul

The newly designed SPA area invites guests to recover from the rigors of winter and gather fresh energy for the upcoming spring. In this haven of relaxation, saunas, massages, and various therapeutic treatments offer the perfect opportunity to restore harmony to body and soul.

Snowshoeing: A Final Farewell to Winter

The snowshoe hikes offered at the Strasserwirt allow guests to explore the still-enchanting wintry landscapes of East Tyrol in a very special way. This experience offers the unique opportunity to bid winter a fitting farewell and savor the silent beauty of nature in this transitional period to the fullest.

Landhaus Koller in Gosau, Salzkammergut, deep in snow (c) photo Jörg Hoffmann

Landhaus Koller: Elegance and Natural Idyll at the End of Winter

Landhaus Koller in Gosau, nestled in the picturesque countryside of the Salzkammergut, provides the perfect setting for those wishing to bid a fond adieu to winter in all its glory. In this historic 19th-century villa, rustic elegance and authentic hospitality combine to create an unforgettable vacation experience.

A Retreat with a Rich History

Immediately upon entering Landhaus Koller, you feel the charm and history that surrounds this house. From the high-ceilinged rooms beneath the roof, to the massive beams, and the furniture made from light woods—every little detail tells of careful stewardship throughout the generations. Here, where the emperor once was an honored guest, every visitor feels like they, too, are royalty.

Winter Magic in the Gosau Valley

For skiers, ski tourers, and winter hikers, Landhaus Koller has a special offer in store: 3 nights including gourmet half-board that excites with regional specialties and culinary delights. The breathtaking winter landscapes of the Salzkammergut provide the perfect backdrop for sporting activities or relaxed walks in nature.

Relaxation and Culinary Enjoyment

After a day out in the wintry countryside, the sauna, steam bath, and infrared cabin invite you to relax and unwind. Meanwhile, Landhaus Koller knows how to add the perfect finishing touches to a glorious day with an array of outstanding culinary delights.

Hideaway in the Mountains

Landhaus Koller preserves the spirit of bygone times and combines it with the creature comforts of the present. Without a hotel elevator, but with king-size, solid-wood beds and a breathtaking view of the Gosau Valley as well as the Gosaukamm ridgeline, it offers an ambiance that invites you to savor every single moment.

Sunny exterior view of Gasthof Herrnhaus in Brixlegg in winter with domed oriel (c) photo Gasthof Herrnhaus
Set table in a corner of the Grasegg dining room at Gasthof Herrnhaus with arched windows in the background (c) photo Gasthof Herrnhaus

Gasthof Herrnhaus: Culinary Heritage in the Spirit of Springtime

In the heart of Brixlegg, at the entrance to picturesque Alpbach Valley, traditional Gasthof Herrnhaus welcomes its guests. This family inn, first chronicled in 1416, is a true gem of Tyrolean hospitality and culinary excellence, also awarded one Gault Millau toque.

From Historic Walls to Familial Warmth

Under the loving management of the Moigg family, which has led the Herrnhaus for four generations, this inn combines tradition and family to offer an unparalleled experience. The antique dining rooms, Gothic vaulted ceilings, and a cozy beer garden under chestnut trees invite guests to linger, while the historic ambiance is complemented by modern comforts.

Culinary Delights at the End of Winter

Gasthof Herrnhaus is particularly proud of its toque-awarded cuisine, led by chef Lukas Moigg with boundless love and ingenuity. Whether traditional Tyrolean favorites or modern, creative dishes —here, every palate is certain to be satisfied. The commitment to quality and regionality is particularly noteworthy, whether wild game from their own hunting grounds or vegetables and herbs from their certified organic garden.

Wine Lovers and Nature Enthusiasts Welcome

Certified sommelier Maximilian Moigg further enriches the Herrnhaus with his passion for fine wines. The extensive wine cellar and the walk-in cabinet for white wines in the bar area promise delectable hours and perfect accompaniments to their culinary creations.

Spring Awakening at the Herrnhaus

To mark the awakening of springtime, the Herrnhaus extends to you a special offer that celebrates the last days of winter whilst simultaneously heralding the start of spring. With cozy pine-furbished rooms, a gourmet breakfast, and a three-course dinner menu, guests can fully enjoy this transitional period and be pampered by exceptional cuisine.


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