Millstätter See (c) Millstätter See Tourismus / Gert Perauer

Built close to the water

A rendezvous with cool, wet water

"All things came from the watery view!
All things are sustained by water!
Ocean, grant us your realm forever.
If you didn’t produce the clouds,
No flowing streams would be allowed,
The rivers wouldn’t roar and shout,
The streams would never bubble out,
Where would hill, plain, and world be then?
The freshness of life’s what you maintain."

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Wörthersee (c) Österreich Werbung / Michael Stabentheiner

The rays of sunshine are here again.
The breath of freedom lingers in the air.
Now it stands at our doorstep: the Summer.
When the cities warm up
and tempers become heated,
There is only one destination: the water.
Whether to cool off or find peace.
Nothing refreshes so much as a jump into cold water.
Nothing soothes so greatly as gazing out across the water.
We are far from being children of sadness,
yet built with a closeness to water.

Hotel See-Villa in Millstatt

Wine and Delectation by the Lake

The See Villa in Millstatt extends an invitation to attend a festival of the senses. Amid an atmosphere of sophistication, the elegance of centuries past meets the informal hospitality of today. The gentle breeze and broad lake views over beautiful Millstätter See. Accompanied by fine wines and 5-course gourmet menus. Meanwhile, the sauna, steam bath and massages at the Bath House promise pure relaxation.

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Mattsee (c) Österreich Werbung / Achim Meurer

At home on the water

A small piece of paradise reveals itself here in the Salzburg Lake District. Surrounded by gentle hillsides, the Alps at its back - Schlosshotel Iglhauser lies on a peninsular, right on the shore of Mattsee. Swaying sailboats in the harbor right outside the front door and the refreshing lake air. For mouthwatering sustenance, toque-awarded gourmet cuisine including locally sourced products and fish from their own stock.

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Hotel Schloss Fernsteinsee in Nassereith, Tyrol

Mountains, forests, lakes

The castle sits enthroned sublimely above the emerald-green lake. You overhear the rush of the nearby waterfall, while the pleasant forest air enters through the window. The noble estate of Naturresort Fernsteinsee encompasses three houses (castle, hotel & villa) and two private lakes. Unique in the Alps.

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Seeschlössl in Velden am Wörthersee
Seeschlössl in Velden am Wörthersee

Summer escapes between land and water

The Seeschlössl lies on the sunny side of Wörthersee, right in Velden Bay. Embedded amid broad grounds with trees that cast pleasant shade. Here, you find peace. Gazing out across gardens sloping gently down to the lake. There, you find a natural, romantic private beach on the turquoise shore. Then as now, a stylish oasis of wellbeing surrounded by picturesque greenery.

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