Castle Hotel Zamek Zdikov, Bohemian Forest


Life is like a mirror. If you smile into it, it will smile back.

A mirror hangs in every house, every stately home, every humble hut. Many are quite small and plain, perhaps even caked with dust or smudged. Others are enormous, splendidly illuminated and framed in gold. A mirror permits people like us to gaze upon ourselves. But not only that. It also allows us to glimpse what lies behind us and even grants us an insight into the depths of our inner being.


Julius in der Pfalz, Germany
Das Lamm in Heidelberg

For a mirror gives us the opportunity to come to terms with our own image. An image in which we recognize ourselves, and which helps us establish our own identity. It is the symbol of self-awareness, understanding, clarity and truth, even the soul. The mirror may enable us to raise our consciousness. Only through the doubling of all that exists and the juxtaposition of two poles does our consciousness become more keenly aware. In other words, whosoever regards themselves in the mirror thereby recognizes who they truly are. We perceive previously unknown aspects of our personality and are able to acknowledge them – be they positive or negative.


Hotel Gasthof Hirschen in Schwarzenberg
Hotel Orso Grigio in Innichen/San Candido

We discover our inner potential and future possibilities. A mirror facilitates serious self-examination. It affords the comparison between earlier and now. In this way, we acquire greater self-understanding and self-affirmation. Yet the doubt that we may, indeed, not be the best or more beautiful, may lead to a form of self-reflection verging on compulsive. So, what might aid us in this process? The experience of our own uniqueness. For each of us is an individual unlike any ever seen before.


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