Schloss Kapfenstein on a hill surrounded by vineyards and woodland under a bright blue sky (c) Photo Schloss Kapfenstein

Schloss Kapfenstein

"Calming perspectives"

Styria, Austria

The Hotel

Arrive on the gravel-topped forecourt beneath open skies. Stow away your luggage, pluck a fig, sit down on the sunny stairs. Far below, villages, patches of forest and meadows scattered amid the hills. Take a deep breath. Walk along the warm walls and, eyes closed, smell the flowers; for a moment, forget everything else.

Schloss Kapfenstein, Steiermark
Hotel Schloss Kapfenstein, Vulkanland
Hotel Schloss Kapfenstein, Steiermark
Hotel Schloss Kapfenstein, Steiermark

Castle hotel and wine estate

Arrive and stay. Schlosshotel Kapfenstein offers 16 stylish rooms, traditional regional cooking and wines from their own wine estate. The unique views of the Steirisches Weinland wine-growing region and the casual atmosphere add the finishing touches.

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The Gallery

The Location

Schloss Kapfenstein
Kapfenstein 1
8353 Kapfenstein
Styria, Austria

+43 31 57 30 03 00

PS: Perfect combination of delightful accommodations and delectable dining.


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