Schloss Englar in Eppan, South Tyrol

Schloss Englar

"Inspiring refuge from the outside world"

South Tyrol, Italy

The Hotel

A summer morning. The castle reposes on a hilltop, surrounded by terraced gardens, fruit trees and grape vines. Walk along the sunny walls, past lavishly set breakfast tables. A babbling fountain in the courtyard, a few hens. Step inside your room and flop into your canopy bed, ceiling beams of dark wood above your head. Silence, only your heartbeat – something new is about to begin.

Schloss Englar in Eppan
Schloss Englar in Eppan
Schloss Englar in Eppan
Schloss Englar in Eppan

Castle hotel with wine estate

Castle Hotel Englar offers eight rooms in the 500-year-old west wing, of which three are junior suites and one is a tower room. The walls enclose a secluded inner courtyard with tall cedars. Also belonging to the castle are the surrounding vineyards, a Gothic chapel and farm buildings with a variety of animals.

Schloss Englar in Eppan

In a nutshell

A gothic castle, courtyard amid old cedars, the surrounding walls overgrown with ivy and roses, bright and sunny terraces, romantic gardens, a rooster crows and geese cackle outside the farm buildings, the chapel of St. Sebastian stands in the middle of an organically run vineyard. A small paradise, casual, long breakfasts, country lifestyle, refreshment in the pool, wine enjoyment and regal accommodations in the 8 charming guest rooms of Schloss Englar.

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The Gallery

The Location

Schloss Englar
Pigeno 42
39057 St. Michael - Eppan (BZ)

+39 04 71 66 26 28

PS: Select the tower room with its hidden balcony.


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