Renaissancehotel Raffelsbergerhof in Weissenkirchen, Wachau valley

Raffelsberger Hof

"Hidden behind the arches"

Weissenkirchen, Wachau, Lower Austria

The Hotel

The facade overgrown with vines; light green, interspersed with violet blossoms. Through the gate, vaulted rooms, then absorbed into the soothing darkness. Cool air, light again just a little farther ahead. Arcaded walkways, views of the surrounding village. Slowly walking up the staircase; each step softer than the last. Past a door slightly ajar. Transported by the dried lavender for a moment to southern climes. Outside, a blackbird in the afternoon silence.

Orchideen im Raffelsberger Hof, Weissenkirchen, Wachau
Zimmer im Raffelsberger Hof in Weissenkirchen, Wachau
Light-flooded, laid breakfast table at Renaissancehotel Raffelsberger Hof in the Wachau region (c) Photo Renaissancehotel Raffelsberger Hof
Bright living area of a suite in Renaissancehotel Raffelsberger Hof (c) Photo Renaissancehotel Raffelsberger Hof

Former shipmaster’s house by the Danube

The Raffelsberger Hof is situated close to the Danube and is surrounded by the Wachau hill country; a unique riverscape and an internationally renowned wine-growing region. Stylish holidays enjoyed in a remodeled shipmaster’s house from the Late Renaissance.

Garten im Renaissancehotel Raffelsberger Hof, Wachau, Österreich
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The Gallery

The Location

Renaissancehotel Raffelsberger Hof
Freisingerplatz 54
3610 Weissenkirchen
Wachau, Austria

+43 27 15 22 01

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