Kaiser Joseph Suite at Hotel Schloss Fernsteinsee in Nassereith, Tyrol

Hotel Schloss

Your nature resort on 280,000 m²
Find inner joy and peace in a natural jewel.

Tyrol, Austria

The Hotel

A castle majestically enthroned high above the emerald-green lake*. Strolling through magnificent rooms; stuccowork and wooden ceilings with elaborate carvings, exquisite antique furniture, elegant baths with mosaics. Ceiling frescoes, paintings on a par with the Old Masters, gently clinking crystal chandeliers. The rushing of a nearby waterfall and pleasant forest air wafting through the open window; verdant islands in the idyllic lake far below.

*) Most beautiful place in Tyrol 2022: Lake Fernsteinsee was voted the most beautiful place in Tyrol 2022 by the viewers of the Austrian Broadcasting Corporation (ORF).

Lavishly decorated room at Hotel Schloss Fernsteinsee with ceiling fresco, stucco and crystal patterns (c) Photo Hotel Schloss Fernsteinsee
Painting of a nobleman with ermine coat in Hotel Schloss Fernsteinsee (c) Photo Hotel Schloss Fernsteinsee

Castle hotel at lake Fernsteinsee

Hotel Schloss Fernsteinsee reposes high above the emerald-green lake, surrounded by forests. In three buildings – the castle, hotel and villa – guests are greeted by magnificently furnished rooms with every comfort. Several restaurants, a café with its own patisserie as well as the castle bar provide for physical well-being, while the endless forests invite you to re-energize and discover inspiration in the midst of nature.

In winter, Hotel Schloss Fernsteinsee takes a break.
Summer bookings are accepted at any time!

Sunbathing lawn at lake Fernsteinsee in Tyrol (c) Photo Hotel Schloss Fernsteinsee
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The Gallery

The Location

Hotel Schloss Fernsteinsee
Fernstein 475
6465 Nassereith

+43 52 65 52 10



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PS: Also a paradise for divers.


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