Hotel Landgasthof Linde with garden in Stumm, Zillertal valley, Tyrol (c) Photo Heli Hinkel

Hotel & Landgasthof

"Beauty in variety"

Zillertal, Tyrol, Austria

The Hotel

Tables laid, beneath apple trees, a small bouquet of flowers on each. Mint plants with violet blossoms, a garden house in the background overgrown by vines. A microcosm of the garden colors distributed along the walkways and on window benches; colorful islands throughout the house. Along with place settings in soft pastel colors, stone-gray masonry and the grain of dark woods.


Vaults at the entrance of Landgasthof Linde in Stumm (c) Heli Hinkel
Gardenhouse with set tables at Landgasthof Linde (c) Heli Hinkel
Stube wit set tables at Landgasthof Linde in Stumm (c) Heli Hinkel
Wine bar with long set table at Landgasthof Linde in Stumm (c) Heli Hinkel

One of Tyrol's oldest inns

One of the oldest inns in Tyrol, amid the mountain world of Zillertal. Three rooms and two suites in the main building and four suites in the nearby Landhaus offer a combination of unaffected simplicity and comfort. Extremely stylishly furnished rooms, innovatively interpreted Tyrolean recipes and, above all, the casual atmosphere give this country inn and hotel its incomparable charm.

Elegantly furnished room with double bed at Landgasthof Linde in Stumm (c) Heli Hinkel
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The Loacation

Hotel & Landgasthof Linde
Dorf 2
6275 Stumm
Tyrol, Austria

+43 52 83 22 77

PS: Tyrolean inn-style cooking and gourmet cuisine.


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