Hotel Elizabeth in Trencin

Hotel Elizabeth

"Splendor and Rock"

Western Slovakia, Slovakia

About this hotel

The swimming pool lies there as peaceful as a picture; golden stars upon a light-blue sky. Take a run-up, dive in. The night swirls up and immediately reforms itself anew. Next to it, bright pillars bear the room on arches. Sit down, wrapped in a white towel. Shining floors of glass, subdued noises from the stairway. A fleck of sunlight on the wall, the stars already a memory.

Hotel Elizabeth in Trencin
Hotel Elizabeth in Trencin
Hotel Elizabeth in Trencin
Hotel Elizabeth in Trencin

Business and wellness hotel with history

Hotel Elizabeth, originally named "Erszebet Szalo", was built by Baron Armin Popper. Nobility met here with perfect comfort and service of the Viennese facilities. From 2010 to 2012 the hotel underwent extensive reconstruction to become a modern business and wellness hotel, which will captivate even the most demanding business clientele while retaining the original charm of the Art Nouveau style architecture and its unique historical atmosphere.

Hotel Elizabeth in Trencin

In a nutshell

In the heart of the city, standing directly below medieval Trencin Castle. Luxurious accommodations, 78 rooms, 138 beds, restaurant, café, wellness center with pool, 4 different saunas, relaxation area. Event location for conferences and seminars. Extraordinary wedding venue.

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Contact and Location

Hotel Elizabeth
Ul. gen. M. R. Štefánika 2
911 01 Trenčín

+421 032 6506 111

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PS: Plan in plenty of time for the Caracalla Spa.


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