Celebration at a long table under an ancient tree in the garden of Hotel Schloss Lerchenhof in Hermagor, Carinthia.

Restaurant at Schloss Lerchenhof

Hermagor, Carinthia, Austria

Natural Cuisine at Restaurant Schloss Lerchenhof

Restaurant Schloss Lerchenhof is located in Hermagor in the Gailtal valley, which, together with Lesachtal, forms the world's first Slow Food Travel Destination. Johann Steinwender, the creative mind behind the castle kitchen, cooks at Schloss Lerchenhof. Sustainability and nature are his passions. He and his kitchen team are committed to "Natural Cuisine", hence all dishes are light, regional, and seasonal.



Beef tartare with onion rings and various culinary refinements on a black slate plate at Hotel Schloss Lerchenhof in Hermagor, Carinthia
Homemade Gailtal-style bacon served in the garden of Hotel Schloss Lerchenhof in Hermagor, Carinthia (c) photo www.wolfganghummer.com

Slowfood in Gailtal

The principle is simple: Seasonal homemade ingredients from a guaranteed place of origin – in this case, regional farmers. The products from their own farm are especially attractive. It is there that the original Gailtal-style bacon is matured, then elegantly combined with other bacon creations for a unique taste experience. A splendid selection of wines, beers from the region, and fine spirits recommended personally by the “lord of the castle” complement the exquisite cuisine to perfection.



Lunch table with various delicacies on white plates and a red tablecloth photographed from above at Hotel Schloss Lerchenhof in Hermagor, Carinthia

Good to know

What is Slow Food?
Slow Food is an international movement that advocates for conscious and sustainable nutrition. Slow Food promotes the consumption of local and regional foods that are traditionally cultivated, prepared, and enjoyed. Additionally, Slow Food supports small-scale farmers using sustainable and organic practices to protect the environment and enhance biodiversity. Slow Food emphasizes that eating is about far more than merely consuming; it is a social and cultural occasion that evokes pleasure and brings people together. Slow Food is also a belief that good food should be available to everyone, and that we have a responsibility to question and improve our eating habits in general.

What Slow Food travel experience does Hotel Schloss Lerchenhof offer?
Hotel Schloss Lerchenhof is one of only 17 certified producers of origin-protected Gailtal Bacon. Hans Steinwender provides interested guests with insights into traditional methods of bacon production.

Can guests also purchase products to take home with them?
In the "Schatzkammer" (Treasure Chamber) located in the courtyard of Schloss Lerchenhof, they carry the hotel's own agricultural products such as bacon, salami, liverwurst, as well as freshly baked sourdough rye bread and freshly prepared semi-finished dishes. Furthermore, the Schatzkammer offers a wide variety of products from the region and beyond, such as organic honey, yogurt, eggs, beer, etc.


Restaurant at Schloss Lerchenhof
Untermöschach 8
9620 Hermagor
Carinthia, Austria

+43 42 82 21 00




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