Lovingly decorated plate with thinly sliced ham presented on a gray stone slab at the Strasserwirt in Eastern Tyrol (c) photographer Hannes Niederkofler.

Gourmetstuben at the Strasserwirt

Strassen, Eastern Tyrol, Austria

Gourmet Cuisine at Restaurant Strasserwirt in Eastern Tyrol

The Strasserwirt in Strassen, Eastern Tyrol, is a lovingly renovated historical residence that radiates comfort from the moment you step through the old front door. The Tyrolean-style gourmet cuisine here is prepared with immense love and passion, offering a light and delicate culinary experience.



Cold appetizer artfully presented on a white plate, resting on a wooden table at Restaurant Herrenansitz Strasserwirt in Eastern Tyrol.
Dessert variation served by the pastry chef at the Strasserwirt restaurant in Eastern Tyrol

Daily Rotating Gourmet Menu

In the beautiful dining rooms of this establishment, guests are able to enjoy the culinary artistry of the house within the framework of a 3-, 4-, 5-, or 6-course menu that changes daily. Paired with fine wines from the Strasserwirt wine cellar, which houses a carefully selected assortment of exquisite wines from Austria as well as Italy, a visit to this historic institution becomes a delightful epicurean experience.

Table for two with a white tablecloth on the green terrace of Restaurant Herrenansitz Strasserwirt in Eastern Tyrol (c) Hannes Niederkofler.

Good to know

Why is there no menu?
The restaurant at Strasserwirt is primarily available to hotel guests. Therefore, only two outside table reservations are accepted daily. Non-resident guests are pleasantly surprised by the 3-, 4-, 5-, or 6-course menu which changes daily.

By when do I have to reserve a table?
As an outside guest, you can make your table reservations at Strasserwirt until 8 PM of the evening before: +43 48 46 63 54

Does the Strasserwirt host wine tastings?
The Strasserwirt team regularly organizes wine tastings and presentations with a regional focus. For more information, please contact the Strasserwirt at: hotel@strasserwirt.com


Gourmetstuben at the Strasserwirt - Ansitz zu Tirol
Dorfstraße 28
9918 Strassen
Tyrol, Austria

+43 48 46 63 54




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