Schlosshotel Iglhauser, lake Mattsee


"At home by the water"

Salzburg, Austria

The Hotel

Sailboats rocking in the harbor, meadows along the shoreline, a few fishermen. The room peaceful and enclosed by thick walls, beams of dark wood running across the ceilings. Floral patterns skip over the bed, next to it heavy curtains of red satin. The hallway floors like a big chessboard. Lake air wafts through the open window and turns over a few pages of the book; in the distance, the sound of a ship’s horn.

Schlosshotel Iglhauser am Mattsee
Schlosshotel Iglhauser am Mattsee
Schlosshotel Iglhauser am Mattsee
Schlosshotel Iglhauser am Mattsee

Castle hotel at lake Mattsee

Schlosshotel Iglhauser lies right on the shoreline of a peninsula jutting out into Mattsee. Here, you will find accommodations in comfortable rooms and suites, secluded amid medieval walls. An award-winning gourmet kitchen treats you to regional products and fish from their own stock.

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The Gallery

The Location

Schlosshotel Iglhauser
Schlossbergweg 4
5163 Mattsee

+43 62 17 52 05

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PS: Also a popular location for seminars and workshops.


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