View from above of a small hamlet and the vineyards of Weingut RADOIN 1560 in South Tyrol (c) photo Weingut RADOIN 1560

Winery RADOIN 1560

"Natural cultivation in the sunny Etschtal Valley"

Montan, Südtirol, Italien

About the Winery

In Montan, in the sunny Etschtal Valley, the vineyards of Weingut RADOIN 1560 lie at elevations between 400 and 550 meters, where nature-oriented cultivation methods have proven successful from the very outset. The use of wire-frame training, careful maintenance throughout the year, selective hand-picking of grapes and purposefully low yields per hectare, all contribute to the production of healthy, high-quality grapes resulting in this winery’s exquisite vintages.

Grapes basking in the sun at Weingut RADOIN 1560 in South Tyrol (c) photo Weingut RADOIN 15600
Hand-harvesting grapes at Weingut RADOIN 1560 in South Tyrol (c) photo Weingut RADOIN 1560

The Winery

Dating back to the 15th century, the name Radoin 1560 represents the current location in Radein (Italian: Redagno) and its elevation at 1560 meters above sea level. It is also here that Hotel Der Zirmerhof is situated. Proprietor and host Sepp Perwanger has created the highest winery in Europe by transforming the Zirmerhof's former garage, which for many decades merely housed the estate's off-road vehicle, into an actual winery. In the course of renovations within the historic walls, the characteristic porphyry stone from the region was successfully integrated, comfortable accesses were created, while contemporary lighting ensures the ideal ambiance.

Oak barrels in the wine cellar of Weingut RADOIN 1560 in Radein, South Tyrol (c) photo Weingut RADOIN 1560
Sepp Perwanger, vintner and hotelier (c) photo Weingut RADOIN 1560

The Wines and Their Vineyards

The vineyards of the young Weingut RADOIN 1560 winery are located in the municipality of Montan on the South Tyrolean Wine Road. Chardonnay and Gewürztraminer: "Kühmösl" vineyard, elevation 400 meters; Pinot Noir Riserva: Runggò N° 1 Unterglen, elev. 550 meters; Runggò N° 2 Unterglen, elev. 500 meters.

Sepp Perwanger has followed in the footsteps of his grandfather, Josef Perwanger III. In the 1930s, the latter produced small quantities of grapes at his farm. Today, the wine of Weingut RADOIN 1560 matures in oak barrels. Optimal conditions such as temperature, air pressure, and the calm winter climate provide the ideal foundation for production and storage. Cellar tours and tastings available upon request.

Tasting room within the ancient walls of Weingut RADOIN 1560 at the Zirmerhof in Radein (c) photo Weingut RADOIN 1560


Weingut RADOIN 1560
Sepp Perwanger
Oberradein 59
39040 Aldein-Radein
South Tyrol, Italy
Tel. +39 04 71 88 72 15


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