Kapelle vom Schloss Kapfenstein, Vulkanland

The chapel in the vineyard

Schloss Kapfenstein, Styria, Austria

Back in 2000 BC, the Kapfensteiner Kogel was a place where the people of that time worshiped and lived. There was a settlement enclosed by a circular wall that provided protection against wild animals and human aggressors. In the middle of the 12th century, we encounter the first mention of a "Caphenstain" castle. One of the many owners, the von Lengheim family, built the Sacre Coeur Chapel in 1701. A fact documented by a votive tablet depicting members of that family fleeing from a violent thunderstorm and dedicating this chapel in gratitude for their rescue.

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The chapel stands 500 meters northeast of the castle on a small plateau that was also the site of an Urnfield settlement. Many visitors sense that this is a place of magical power. The area becomes even more mysterious due to the grave of Countess Adolfine von Mariassy located in the vineyard not far from the chapel. She was owner of the Schloss Kapfenstein estate from 1878 to 1881 and died at the very young age of 28.

Weingarten vom Schloss Kapfenstein, Vulkanland


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