Viennese coffeehouse at Hotel Platzhirsch in Kufstein, Tyrol (c) photo Platzhirsch Kufstein

Viennese Coffeehouse at the Platzhirsch

Kufstein, Tyrol, Austria

Viennese Coffeehouse Culture at Platzhirsch Kufstein

The history of this establishment played a central role in the development of the coffeehouse at Platzhirsch Kufstein. The offer and design were harmoniously integrated into the historic premises so as to spark the enthusiasm of guests with authenticity, honesty, and transparency. The result is convincing indeed. The gastronomic concept in the style of an old-town hotel with Viennese coffeehouse, pastry shop & confectionery, coffee roastery, delicatessen, and event location meets all expectations. The passionate hosts of the Platzhirsch are committed to preserving the essential and original functions of a true Viennese coffeehouse.

Characteristic elements of a Viennese coffeehouse include marble tables, Thonet chairs, booths, newspapers, and interior design details in a style known as "Historicism." Coffeehouses are places where "time and space are likewise consumed, but only the coffee actually appears on the bill." Known worldwide as an oasis of stylish comfort, traditional Viennese cafes entice with a variety of coffee variations, international newspapers, and tempting pastry creations. Since 2011, the Viennese coffeehouse culture has even been listed as intangible cultural heritage by UNESCO. Modern interpretations of the coffeehouse enrich the tradition with contemporary flair.

Own Coffee Roastery

Today, it is sometimes quite difficult to find freshly roasted coffee, or even fresh coffee in general. That said, the declared goal of the hosts here at the Platzhirsch is to offer guests an unforgettable coffee experience. Many people have become quite accustomed to the taste of industrially produced coffee of moderate quality. Sadly, that also applies to the restaurant business, too. But coffee is a true delicacy, and hence, the Platzhirsch strives to present it accordingly. Proudly, the Platzhirsch is a small-scale, local roastery in Kufstein and, as a consequence, roasts the coffee primarily for its own purposes at the Platzhirsch coffeehouse.

Good to Know

Can non-hotel guests have breakfast at the Platzhirsch?
Certainly. From 7 am (8 am on Sundays) until 11 am.

Does the coffeehouse also serve lunch dishes?
Of course. In keeping with the Viennese coffeehouse tradition, Platzhirsch Kufstein offers various Austrian home-style dishes and typically Viennese cuisine for lunch, incorporating fresh, seasonal, and regional products whenever possible.

Can you also eat dinner at the Platzhirsch?
No. The Platzhirsch closes its doors at 6 pm. Notwithstanding, the hotel team will be happy to recommend restaurants in Kufstein where you can enjoy dinner.


Platzhirsch Kufstein
Unterer Stadtplatz 19
6330 Kufstein

+43 53 72 21 982


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