Wolfgang Winkler-Hermaden forging a damask knife at Kapfenstein Castle (c) Photo Schloss Kapfenstein

Damask forging course

3 nights incl. forging course and materials, breakfast, lunch and dinner
from € 1,203 per person

Hotel Schloss Kapfenstein, Styria, Austria

Damask forging course

The production of Damascus knives is a traditional craft process that goes back centuries. A Damascus knife is characterised by exceptional sharpness, hardness and a striking grain on the surface of the blade. The term "Damascus" refers to the technique of Damascus forging, in which several layers of different types of steel are forged together to create a blade with unique properties. The sharp blade and unique aesthetic features allow for high precision in use and therefore make Damascus knives sought-after tools for both professional and amateur chefs.

At Schloss Kapfenstein in the hilly volcanic region of south-east Styria, you can live in a stately home, enjoy fantastic food, savour wonderful wines from the property's own vineyards and learn the art of blacksmithing. Make your own damask knife under the expert guidance of Wolfgang Winkler-Hermaden and treat yourself to some time out in ancient walls far away from everyday life.

Kapfenstein Castle in south-east Styria in spring (c) Photo Schloss Kapfenstein
Elegantly furnished castle room with double bed at Kapfenstein Castle in Styria (c) Photo Schloss Kapfenstein

This offer includes:

3 overnight stays
3 x castle breakfast
1 x aperitif with Wolfgang Winkler-Hermaden
2 days damask forging course from 8.30 a.m. to 5.30 p.m. incl. materials
lunch snack with non-alcoholic drinks on the two course days
3 x 3-course evening meal

19 to 22 March 2024
29 July to 1 August 2024
20 to 23 October 2024

Max. Number of participants: 3 people

Price from € 1,203 per person

Damascus knife and knife sheath made by Wolfgang Winkler-Hermaden in his forge at Kapfenstein Castle (c) Photo Schloss Kapfenstein
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