Bürgerzimmer im Hotel Orso Grigio in Innichen

The Bürgerzimmer as place of encounter

When the borough council met at the Orso Grigio.

Boutique & Gourmet Hotel Orso Grigio, South Tyrol, Italy

At the Orso Grigio, the Grey Bear, there is a very special guest lounge which has always been known as the “Bürgerzimmer”.

Bürgerzimmer im Orso Grigio in Innichen, Südtirol
Schrank mit Geschirr im Orso Grigio in Innichen, Südtirol

How it came to that: Before Innichen was formed in 1928, there were actually four communities. The villages of Innichen, Vierschach, Winnebach and Innichberg. The last of these consisted of just 17 hill farms/farming families. For that reason, they didn’t have a dedicated administrative building, instead holding their council meetings in the Bürgerzimmer of the Grey Bear.

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Today, this continues to be a place for passionate discussions and thoughts about a better world, though council resolutions are now debated elsewhere.

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