Stiegl-Gut Wildshut in St. Pantaleon

Story from a guest

Stiegl-Gut Wildshut, Upper Austria, Austria

On a beautiful Saturday at the beginning of October, my wife and I decided spontaneously to take a trip to Stiegl-Gut Wildshut just north of Salzburg. It didn’t even cross our minds to make reservations in advance. When we arrived there, we quickly established that the restaurant was fully booked. Yet despite that, the dedicated restaurant team set to work creating a space for us and we were fortunate to enjoy an absolutely delicious dinner. But that’s only half the story.

Later that same weekend, one of the restaurant employees at the Wildshut noticed that a meal from a different table had accidentally been charged to our bill. Something we hadn’t even noticed.

Not only did they phone us to apologize, the very next day, the restaurant manager came to our house in order to pay back the amount they had mistakenly collected from us in person. And as a further gesture of apology, he even presented me with a big bottle of a Wildshut premium beer.

I honestly can’t remember the last time a business treated me with so much respect. I was utterly impressed.

This is also what "Castle Hotels & Mansions" stand for. A perfect example courtesy of Stiegl-Gut Wildshut.


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