Benches at the Zirmerhof in Radein

The "Everyone Bench":
unique, with a story all its own

Der Zirmerhof, South Tyrol, Italy

If you come to the Zirmerhof for the first time, you will immediately notice the more than 60 benches located at various spots around the premises. All of these benches bear the autographs of former Zirmerhof guests – they were donated by them, named by them and the location determined by them – and they are associated with various stories.

SFor example, we encounter the "Mariellenbank". The story behind this bench is certainly rather curious. When the two donors of the “Mariellenbank” wanted to visit their bench, as was their custom, on the first day of their holiday at the Zirmerhof, they were a little taken aback to see that it was already occupied. No matter how they tried, the two ladies sitting on the bench and enjoying the views just couldn’t be persuaded to leave it.

One of the numerous benches standing around the Zirmerhof in Radein

This sparked a heated discussion, which ended with the two original donors finally reclaiming “possession” of the “Mariellenbank” for themselves. For their part, the two defeated ladies simply wouldn’t let the matter rest and immediately ordered a new bench of their own. Still not satisfied even after having installed it directly next to the “Mariellenbank”, they promptly christened it the “Everyone Bench”: Everyone who walks by should definitely take advantage of this place to enjoy the beautiful views.

Good mood on one of the numerous benches around the Zirmerhof in Radein

So it is that each of the over 60 Zirmerhof benches has its own special story – it is astonishing to think how many hikers, romantic couples and Zirmerhof guests have taken a seat upon them to enjoy the incredible panorama.
The Zirmerhof benches – unique, and uniquely relaxing.
Who knows what other benches will someday adorn the grounds of the Zirmerhof?


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