Portrait of Marchesa Marie Blanche Viviani della Robba at Villa le Barone in der Chianti Region

A Farm in Chianti

Villa le Barone, Tuscany, Italy

Dating back to the middle ages, Villa Le Barone was the seat of a Baronetcy, hence the name "Le Barone". During the Renaissance period, the tower was converted into a villa with its own agricultural estate; it served as the summer retreat of the famous Florentine ceramist and sculptor Luca della Robbia.

Villa le Barone in Chianti region

After World War I, Marchesa Maria Bianca Viviani della Robbia (born “de Larderel”) turned Villa le Barone into a wine and olive oil estate. She was also a writer and wrote, among others, the book “A Farm in Chianti”.

Her daughter, Duchess Franca Visconti, converted the summer estate into one of the first boutique hotels in Chianti, preserving the refined and elegant atmosphere of a private house while adding the comfort of a modern hotel. Another book has been published to tell that story.

Duchess Visconti Villa le Barone, Chianti
Family portrait Villa le Barone, Chianti

Different lounges and sitting rooms invite guests to relax, read, write or paint. On cooler autumn days guests may sit by one of the three fireplaces and relax with a good book or a glass of local wine.

Today, the villa is the property of Duchess Franca Visconti's heirs, whom you will certainly meet during your stay at Villa Le Barone.

Salon at Villa le Barone, Chianti


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